Google Data API for Python (Presentation)

This presentation will be given at the Maemo Summit 2008 by Eric Warnke

The goal of the presentation is to give users a quick introduction to using the python bindings. Focus will be on showing enabling code snippits and how they can be used to enhance the Maemo experience.

All source code will be available after the presentation.


[edit] Outline of the Program

20-22 minutes on slides, example code, and demo

  1. Atom and CRUD: What it is and why it works
  2. Python library: Code demos using the picasaweb service
  3. Authentication: How to authenticate to google
  4. Examples: Authenticated access to google docs
  5. Brief discussion of services that might be interesting under maemo
  6. DocSync: Full code and example working document sync process
  7. Problems: Not everything is puppy dogs and rainbows, here are the hidden downsides.

3-5 minutes Q&A

[edit] Slides and Code ( Video? )

To follow presentation at summit.

[edit] Q&A

[edit] Your question here?

Copy and paste these two lines and add your question, I will respond and possibly your question in the presentation.

[edit] Other sessions

I will be presenting a demo of DocSync as a flash session. I would be happy to demonstrate Picasa syncing as well to anyone interested.

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