Lock the screen and keyboard

If you want to carry your N900, N810 or N800 in a pocket or bag, it's a good idea to deactivate the touchscreen and keys so they don't accidentally get pressed.


[edit] N900

To lock, either slide the dedicated lock slider on the right side of the device until the display switches off, or press the power button on the top of the device and select "Lock screen and keys". To unlock, either open the keyboard, press the power button on top of the device and swipe the on-screen slider or slide the lock slider on the right side of the device.

[edit] N810

To lock the N810, simply push and hold the dedicated lock switch for a second, then let it spring back into place. To unlock it just repeat this same procedure.

Incidentally, a locked touchscreen will automatically unlock when you open the N810's built-in keyboard, and then automatically relock when you close the keyboard. An unlocked touchscreen isn't affected by opening or closing the keyboard.

[edit] N800

To lock, press the power button very briefly, and this should bring up a menu of various options. Select the option to lock the screen and keys.

To unlock, press the power button again very briefly, then press the direction pad button (aka the rocker key).

[edit] Automatic locking

It's possible to get the N800 and N810 to lock automatically under various circumstances.

Under OS2008, you can go to the control panel, Display, and select "Lock screen and keys" to have the device lock when the screen goes off.

Warning: the following options involve installing packages from outside the recoveries, and are only suggested for advanced users.

There is AutoLock, which uses your N810's light sensor to decide when to lock the device. It might not be ideal if you use it in the dark (although with the screen set to medium brightness, it won't lock even in the dark) or if you tend to cover the sensor with your finger.

Another option is SlideLock, which locks your N810 when you slide the keyboard in.