Importing iPhone Contacts

[edit] Import how to

To import data, we first need to jailbreak the iPhone. There are many tutorials for this on the net. After jailbreaking, ensure that you have the package "Cydia" installed (usually included by default).

  1. From Cydia, install securedContacts (from the BigBoss repository)
  2. Run securedContacts, and download the resulting csv file on your PC.


The following code will take the output csv file and transfer it into one large vcf file which you can import using the Contacts application on your N900. One drawback to using the securedContacts seems to be that any location information is lost, but I found this import a million times better than doing it by hand. Just copy the code into a new file "" and then rename your csv along side it as "contacts.csv".

You can run the code with:

python > contacts.vcf
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re
import datetime, time
fh = open('contacts.csv','r')
objectlist = []
class contact:
	def __init__(self,first,last):
		self.last = last
		self.first = first
	def update(self,detail):
		value = detail.replace(" ","")
		value = value.strip('\n')
		homenum = re.compile("^[0-9]{8}$")
		mobnum = re.compile("^[0-9]{10}$")
		mobnum2 = re.compile("^\+[0-9]{11}$")
		email = re.compile("^.*@.*$")
	def check(self,first,last):
		return first == self.first and last == self.last
for i in fh:
	line = i.replace("\n","")
	last,first,detail = i.split(';')
	for i in objectlist:
		if i.check(first,last):
		obj = contact(first,last)
for i in objectlist:
	print "BEGIN:VCARD"
	print "VERSION:3.0"
	print "N:"+i.last+";"+i.first
	print "FN:"+i.first+" "+i.last
	for j, v in i.details.items():
		print j+v
	now = datetime.datetime
	n =
	print "REV:"+str(n.year)+str(n.month).zfill(2)+str("T"+str(n.hour).zfill(2)+str(n.minute).zfill(2)+str(n.second).zfill(2)+"Z"
	print "END:VCARD"

After your vcf file is generated, you can place it onto your n900, then in the Contacts application, click the title bar >>> "Get contacts" >>> Import Contacts". Browse to your contacts.vcf file and click import!

Hope this helps someone, this code was pretty rushed and got the job done for me. Phone number regexps worked for my Australian phone numbers, you may have to make changes for overseas numbers.