Internet bookmarklets

Although not widely known, in most browsers you can run JavaScript code by typing it in the address bar. This script can then do anything a regular script loaded from a website can. If you bookmark such a script then it is called a bookmarklet.

Here are some examples. Just bookmark the links on that page and you're ready to use them.

These scripts should start with 'javascript:', can only contain one line and function calls should be enclosed with the 'void()' statement, unless they're called from within another function. This bookmarklet for example changes the font and background color of a page:

javascript:void(main());function main(){c('body');c('td');c('div');c('p');}function c(elname){el=document.getElementsByTagName(elname);for(i=0;i<el.length;i++){el[i].style.background='black';el[i].style.color='white';}}