Legacy Maemo 5 Documentation/Human Interface Guidelines/Device Orientation

This article is legacy documentation, and is superseded by Forum Nokia documentation.
The Forum Nokia documentation is available as the Hildon 2.2 UI style guide, Fremantle master layout guide and the Hildon 2.2 widget UI specification

Hildon is optimized for full functionality with landscape screen orientation. Although both orientations are supported, some framework level functionalities such as the status bar, are not available in the portrait mode.

The switch between orientation modes can be done by the Hildon framework transparently for the application developer. The only relevant decisions for application developers are whether to request the portrait orientation mode and which interface elements to use on it.

The portrait mode is intended for simplified, one-handed use. Limit functionality in this orientation, for example, a Now Playing message for a media application, a read view for a PDF reading application, or simplified call handle controls.