[edit] Liqbase

Liqbase is fast-graphics swiss army knife created and developed by Gary Birkett for the Maemo platform. Although Liqbase provides several distinctive features its primary applied functions are note-taking and sketching.

The features utilized within liqbase are being developed into a library and toolkit for creating applications for the maemo platform Liqbase_library_overview

[edit] Features

  • Finger friendly menus
  • Variable resolution kinetic scrolling fullscreen document viewer
  • Pressure sensitivity sketching with a graffiti wall showing all drawings
  • CPU throttling adjustments
  • Fullscreen starfield screensaver

[edit] Wanted Features

Please use this area to highlight any desired features in the next release. I will try to stay out of this part of the process ;) --lcuk 15:20, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

- Captures images at full resolution
- Save those images to tablet, where other programs can access
- Edit those images in liqbase
- Ability to horizontally flip image capture (to act like a real camera). - Record video (and sound) at a half-decent resolution and quality
- Use liqbase as the default image viewer
- LiqRSS feed reader
- Export notes to plaintext
- Note play-back through text-to-speech
- Real-time, over network, image sharing and co-editing
- Ability to upload notes to web or web services
- Bacon maker
- Import graphic (png,vector,pdf,etc) as drawing background
- Templates using backgrounds and ink colors
- Own product in to track bugs and enhancement requests.

[edit] Planned Features

these depend on numerous things, but are on my personal list of todo items.

the current release contains elements required to create a whole host of applications.
however the framework and coding style is limited and restrictive, this is undergoing a redesign to accommodate things in a more friendly manner.
this may involve the use of clutter as an intermediate tile manager, partially dependent upon whether I can opengl rendering performance or workaround it.

- Sketching background styling and images
- sketching directly onto new photographs, instant postcards
- sending postcards and handwritten messages to mail recipients or bluetooth users
- LAN syncing, if multiple devices are situated locally they should share media
- text snippet support (jaiku/tweets)
- combined graffiti wall incorporating sketches/images/text fragments
- improved edit interactions with graffiti, less difference between "Do some drawing" and editing an existing sketch
- sketch pagination allowing notes to be larger than the screen to keep continuous segments together
- alternative graffiti views including calendar and timeline views
- Stamp tool should work with any sketch, not just itself (technically it does already, but no other sketches are loaded or available in 0.1.5)
most of these are adjustments upon the core and do not involve major reworking, however some will benefit from the background reworking I've done recently. --lcuk 14:50, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

- tagging/grouping/rating, this will change the data layout more than any other modification and if done in the simplest way will cause problems later. this needs consulatation with people to plan the attack.
(this is only a problem due to the network sync aspects and handling multiple people tagging and rating elements) --lcuk 14:58, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Clutter Investigation

After looking extensively at clutter for the last few days I find it has nice features for handling bitmap assets, but had a great deal of trouble with one of the core aspects of liqbase :: sketch strokings and lines - clutter includes no native line primative in its toolkit. To implement liqbase inside clutter will require going deeper into the core opengl and is outside my experience level at this time.

In doing so, I have ported liqbase 0.1.5 to x86 (for my tablet pc) and boy does it fly!

--lcuk 13:27, 31 December 2008 (UTC)