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[edit] Feature Requests for v2


1) user-editable rc file that gets read on lpsm startup[BR] sample ~/.lpsmrc

  date.format=dd/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss

or have a template file:

   %img:calendar% %date:MM/dd/YY%   %img:clock% %uptime%
   %img:cpu%  %cpu% %%  %img:load% %load:1% %load:5% %load:15%
   %img:power% %battery:percent% %battery:capacity% mAh   %img:mem% %mem% %%

admiral0: second is being in the works. Example

%wifi{Icon} %wifiPower{wlan0}

Plugins can register for any prefixes.

2) easy way to restart/reread rc file {via command line}

admiral0: sighup? I'll take a look

3) on-demand image generation {for testing mostly} admiral0 how do you think i'm testing? :D

4) plugin support {for, e.g.: unread text count. thats the one id write, anyway} {i would make all the built-in ones just be plugins as well; would give folks a jumping off place and makes good design sense}

admiral0: i call them renderers, not plugins but idea is the same.

wolke: awesome! thats 4 for 4. thanks! --


How about the ability to change the colour, from white to user-definable colour?

Any way to add info showing avg. battery usage in mA? Thank you.

[edit] Planned Features for v2

* C++ rewrite
* plugin system