Categories allow you to group pages by theme, or by target audience.

To add a page to a category, simply add a link to Category:Name of category to the bottom of the page. A page can belong to several categories - just add them all at the end of the page.

A Category page contains first some wikitext (optionally), followed by a list of all of the pages marked with the category. Categories themselves can be in a category, in this case, they will be a sub-category. For example, to add Category:Football to Category:Sport, add a link to the parent category to the sub-category.

[edit] Resources

[edit] Proposed categories

I propose one category per front page section:

  • Category:Community - pages related to the community, including information about maemo, its mailing lists, IRC channels, real-life meetings, rules and norms. Maybe maemo training?
  • Category:Development - reference information and tips for developers. Setting up a development environment, tools for debugging, API documentation, tutorials, sample code, the development roadmap, technical specifications, reporting bugs, contributing to Bugzilla, reflashing the tablet, etc.
  • Category:Users - pages for (presumably) advanced users of the tablet. Where to get software, configuring services, playing ogg files, streaming video, VNC, SSH, getting root, etc.

Sub-categories make sense for some things. Some ideas of useful sub-categories: Category:Events as a sub-category of Category:Community. Category:Connectivity as a subcategory of Category:Users for everything to do with wifi, Bluetooth networking, etc.