Templates are an important part of any good wiki. They help tag, categorize, identify, stylize and format articles, and improve code readability and clarity, and generally make life easier for everybody.

To that end, I'd like to focus efforts here on creating and maintaining a set of templates for maemowiki.


[edit] Tasks

  • Develop guidelines for the creation, categorization, style and format of new templates.
    • Ensure existing templates comply with these guidelines.
  • Figure out what templates we need (this is a very fluid task that will likely never be completed).
  • Create those templates.

[edit] Open/Closed table, justification, and petition templates

We need to put together templates for the open/closed-source plan outlined in the Task:Mapping openness page.

  • We need templates for:
    • Individual packages (or package sets, as, say, alarmd and alarmtool can probably both be filed under alarmd), their source-state and (if closed) justification for that state.
      • Should these templates be set up as "justification tables" to be inserted into larger articles or as individual articles?
    • Petition templates for requesting that a closed package be opened.

[edit] Standard Wikipedia template set

  • Equivalent to "This article has poor language/grammar, please help fixing it."--qgil 07:53, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Template examples

[edit] ambox


|text='''Body text for the box.'''<br/>It is suggested to make the first line bold.

Use the ambox template to insert a box for a warning or notice. The "type" parameter can be omitted and defaults to "notice". There are several templates based on the ambox, such as Template:Delete, Template:Out of date and Template:Expand.

[edit] clear



Use the clear template to insert HTML that clears any floats. This is used at the end of a section with floating divs, such as image thumbnails, to make sure that they do not overflow onto the next section. See the Orrery article for example usage.

[edit] main


{{main|Wikilink to main article}}

Use the main template to insert a wikilink to another article, which appears indented and preceded by "Main article:".