MaeLyrica/How to write plugins


[edit] How to write a plugin for MaeLyrica?

[edit] What is a MaeLyrica plugin?

A MaeLyrica plug-in is a class inheriting a lyricsDownloader class

[edit] Which data should be provided?

A MaeLyrica plug-in is just a class containing these functions and variables:

   virtual std::string toProviderCode(string artist, string track) const;
   virtual bool parse();

The following function can be provided too:

   virtual short perform(string a, string t);
   virtual CURLcode download(string a, string t); 

[edit] Requirements for functions

[edit] toProviderCode

The toProviderCode function should return the URL as std::string, from which data should be downloaded. The default download function will follow any redirects.

[edit] parse

The parse function should save the plain text lyrics to variable

   QString lyrics_qstr;

which is a member of lyricsDownloader

The non-parsed text downloaded by the default download function is available in a variable, a member of lyricsDownloader

   std::ostringstream buff