[edit] Installing Maemeemo

At first you need extras-devel repository enabled in your application manager then simply install maemeemo from it or via this commands in terminal ( rootsh needed ) :

sudo gainroot
apt-get install maemeemo

if you got an error message like ( could not find package maemeemo ) then you need to make sure you have an updated package list, you can update it by the application manager or this commands if you are using HAM ( hildon application manager ) to install packages :

sudo gainroot
apt-get update

when choosing maemeemo to be installed a few dependencies will be installed with it such as the new Harmattan theme called "maemeemo-theme" and other packages.

Please note that CSSU-Testing is needed for maemeemo and it is in dependencies.

[edit] How to configure

[edit] How to setup the transitions.ini

Install rootsh or sudser. Rootsh example will be user there, but with sudser you just need not to use sudo gainroot but sudo before every mv or cp command

sudo gainroot
cd /usr/share/hildon-desktop
mv transitions.ini transitions.ini-prem3
mv transitions.ini.maemeemo transitions.ini

If you needed to restore the maemeemo transitions.ini in case it gets corrupt, its copy is in /opt/maemeemo/

[edit] How to setup the rest of layout

[edit] Wallpapers

In the latest version 1.4 there is no wallpapers in MyDocs partition it is now included in maemeemo-theme, old and new wallpapers can be found in /opt/maemeemo/

Note: If the Portrait wallpapers function doesn‟t work for you, you will only have portrait or landscape functionality according to the wallpaper set by you.

[edit] Setting up the Qtlockscreen

Open QtLockscreen-Configuration App and set [MaeMeeMo Slide lockscreen or Nemo Lockscreen or Nemo-MaeMeeMo lockscreens or the new one MaeMeeMo 1.4 lockscreen.] [As per your choice]

[edit] Setting up theme and icons

Open Settings>Theme customizer and set maemeemo-theme, Harmattan-icons-pack-for-white-themes, and select font “Nokia Pure” or “SwissW” (optional) font as per your preference and check the size of App Shortcuts is at “100”, and Menu Bar visibility is „0‟ [Zero]. [Check screenshots in ThemeCustomizer.rar if needed]