Maemo-meeting is a semi-monthly IRC meeting with Nokia held on Freenode in #maemo-meeting where we discuss current maemo.org and Maemo issues.

The topic and agenda for next month's meeting are being discussed at Maemo-meeting #2.


[edit] Agenda

A topic and agenda is defined prior to each month's meeting to avoid confusion during the meeting, allow the Nokia repressentative to come better equipped for the topic (possible with guests) and help keep it productive.

  • The topic for the next month's meeting will be decided upon within 1 week after current month's meeting.
  • An agenda will then be put together in the next 2 weeks and finalized no later than 1 week before the next meeting.

The agenda should be sized so as to last no longer than 1-2 hours. If there are any items remaining on the agenda at the end of that period, the meeting may be extended with the agreement of the Nokia representative (and any guests, if relevant). If any additional items remain, or the meeting is not able to be extended topics can either be dropped or carried over to next month's meeting.

[edit] Procedure

In order to keep the discussion manageable and on-topic, a certain procedure must be followed.

  • The meeting will be overseen by X-Fade and the maemo.org Community Council members, who will be granted operator permissions.
  • The channel will be moderated and all participants will be granted voice by default.
  • In order to keep the discussion on-topic and on-agenda, participants we be allowed 3 warnings before losing their voice for the duration of the meeting.
    • Warnings will be issued by operators for chatter in #maemo-meeting (chatter belongs in #maemo), off-agenda questions, and disruptive behavior.

[edit] Time and place

The meeting will be held over IRC in #maemo-meeting on the [http://www.freenode.net Freenode network. Those unfamiliar with IRC should see the irchelp.org IRC tutorial for information. The time will be determined each month based on the availability of the core participants. The meetings will generally last for no more than 1-2 hours, though time may be extended with the agreement of the Nokia representative.

[edit] History

Maemo-meeting #1 - May 13th, 2008