team/Updating sites

There are several ways to modify the behaviour of the main website, and there are similarly several steps required to update the site when changes have been made.



  • Hosting server:
  • Admins: Niels, Ferenc, Daniel

[edit] Installation details is based on the Midgard CMS, which contains a persistent storage system and provides infrastructure for custom page templates, and dynamic and static content.

Midgard is installed on the server, and consists of a core application, plus a set of PHP components (such as socialnews, brainstorm, midcom) which are packaged upstream and deployed using Pear. The same Midgard install is then duplicated across several nodes.

There is a central DB instance which is used to serve content. Templates and config snippets are served from this database.

Static content (CSS files, image files, etc) is served from the server, which runs a lighttpd server.

On top of this, like every CMS, page contents can be created through a web admin interface, for users connected with sufficient privileges.

[edit] Updating Midgard

On, Midgard can be updated by root via apt-get or dpkg.

Midgard components are updated by being published in the Midgard pear channel and updated on using

datagard -a pear -p package_name

where package_name can be any of the modules available for Midgard.

The modules installed on are:

[edit] Updating specific styles

Modules, styles and snippets specific to (typically sidebars, RSS feeds, footers and headers) are stored in the SVN module maemo2midgard (see the project's Garage page for more information). You can get a copy of the module with the command

svn checkout

The page style for is currently maemo2009. To modify the sidebar of the development page, for example, we should modify the page template development/style-init.php. To change the CSS applied to files, we modify the relevant CSS files in the static/css directory. Once we have made and tested modifications, we can commit to the maemo2midgard subversion repository.

Once a change has been made, to push it live, we must update the checked out working copy of maemo2midgard on This requires root access, and can this only be done by list people who have admin rights for maintenance.

If we have modified any of the static files for the site, we must also synchronise these files with TODO: how is this done?

Finally, we must update the Midgard database with any config or style snippets which have changed. This is done by running the admin utility scripts




[edit] Updating page content

Finally, to update the content of a page such as the development page, log on to the system with a valid account with admin privileges, and in the floating menu, choose Page->Edit. You will be able to modify the content of everything inside



  • Hosting server:
  • Admins: Niels, Ferenc, Daniel

The Maemo Wiki is a standard MediaWiki installation on The stylesheets used for the wiki are taken directly from, and are the same as those used for the Maemo site.

The MediaWiki install is from the following standard Debian packages:

Name Version Description
mediawiki 1:1.12.0-2lenny3 website engine for collaborative work
mediawiki-extensions 1.4 set of extensions for MediaWiki
mediawiki-math 1:1.12.0-2lenny3 math rendering plugin for MediaWiki

The following custom extensions are installed and deployed on the Maemo wiki in /var/lib/mediawiki/extensions:

  • "Edit Help" extension
  • BugzillaReports
  • CategoryTree
  • Cite
  • ConfirmEdit
  • DynamicPageList
  • GForgeAuthentication
  • ImageMap
  • ParserFunctions
  • RSSReader
  • Userlogin_maemo
  • UserMerge

Indented plug-ins are available as part of the Debian packages mentioned previously

The stylesheets for wiki pages come from three separate sources:

  • maemo2midgard static CSS files used for the main site (in the midgard-data/style/maemo2009/static/css directory of maemo2midgard svn)
  • Wiki specific style sheets (in the /mediawiki/2009/monobookmaemo2009 directory of maemo2midgard)
  • Stylesheets which are stored directly as wiki pages (MediaWiki:Common.css)


  • Hosting server:
  • Admins: Niels, Ferenc, Daniel, Andre