MaemoCommunity eV Board Meeting Minutes

[edit] Board Meeting Minutes

[edit] Maemo Community e.V. Emergency Board Meeting, held January 13th, 2015 on FreeNode IRC

Present: RĂ¼diger Schiller (chair), Jussi Ohenoja (secretary, treasurer)
  • The board reviewed the formal resignation notice from Niels Nielsen and recognizes that Niels has now been relieved from all tasks and obligations of a Board Member. The board wishes Niel farewell. Jussi has been the acting treasurer since Niels's resignation, and is now officially taking on the responsibilities.
  • The board reviewed the new membership applications, and found nothing against the applicants. Welcome to the Maemo Community e.V.!
  • The board discussed the different possibilities to arrange the banking arrangements for the e.V. The requirement is that both the Chairman of the Board and the Treasurer are allowed to single-sign any payments. It turned out that it is fairly difficult to open a bank account in Germany so Jussi will explore an option to do it in Finland. Handelsbanken seems to be a good candidate since they have offices both in Finland and Germany.