Maemo 5/PR1.3

This article describes a firmware update.
If you have problems installing the firmware update, there is an article that describes some known problems and solutions as well as an article on freeing up rootfs space.

Maemo 5 PR1.3 was released on October 25, 2010, together with an update of the SDK for developers. The product version is 20.2010.36-2.


[edit] New features

  • Qt Mobility API 1.0.2, which is now integrated into the device software.
  • Qt Core libraries updated to 4.7.0 version.
  • Full OVI-Suite support

[edit] Resolved bugs




Alternatively, see this Bugzilla query for a list of issues that have been fixed for PR1.3.

[edit] Kernel changes

Some important kernel-related bugs were fixed, for details (changelog and the actuall diff to the previous version) refer to [1].

[edit] Further reading

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