Maemo Co-Creation/MCC Concept 002 Workshop Results

On Saturday the 10th of October we have presented the co-creation workshop concepts at the Maemo Summit, during the Maemo Co-Creation Showcase. After that, everybody was invited to provide feedback and help further develop the concepts. This was very successful, many Summit attendees joined us on the stage to elaborate on the 4 concepts.

On Sunday, we had another co-creation 'Garage' session in the Entry Hall of the Maemo Summit. The 4 concepts and the feedback from the day before were put on the wall and again, people were invited to further develop the concepts. Two visualisers were present to help make all ideas tangible on the spot.


During the Maemo Summit, the first ideas for a part of the UI was thought of, focusing on the tagging of content with 'help' of your friends and other users.


The content (here: a photo) on your device has automated tags (location, author etc), you added your own tags (amsterdam, N900..). Below that, you can see the tags your friends have added, which you can choose also. Below that, you can see the tags of everyone (at the event) added, from which you can choose again.