Maemo Summit 2008/Speakers

Q&A for Maemo Summit speakers. Add your question and an answer should pop up. Feel free improving the answers if you know more.

  • How big is the room / how many people will it hold?
    • The main room is really big and can hold the whole attendance. Main sessions and track sessions in the left side are held there. The other 2 rooms are medium size and can hold around 50 people each.
  • Are there mics (what kind? Portable, stationary?, portable for audience questions)
    • To be confirmed, but no mic planned for medium rooms and perhaps not for the big room either (will ask).
  • Is there a podium
    • Mmm... I think the big room had one, but not the medium.
  • If we need a moderator can we get one?
    • You run your session yourself. If you need a moderator pickm a friend.
  • Is there a projector?
    • Each room is equipped with projector, yes.
  • Can we project n810/n800's?
    • According to the plan, yes.
  • Can we use powerpoint/equivs?
    • PDFs are lovely for interoperability. If you want to be sure bring your laptop and have a USB stick at hand just in case.
  • Is there wifi? Will it work? Will we need to tell everyone in the audience to stop using the network whlie we try to setup our presentation?
    • WiFi is there and supposed to work with enough bandwidth, as long as everybody has anything better to do than downloading those movies.
  • Will there be any time to set anything up?
    • 5 minutes unless you agreed anything else with the previous speaker. You need time to setup your thing and people need time to move to/from other rooms.