Maemo Summit 2009/Infrastructure

We need to be very clear what we require from the venue in terms of infrastructure - everything costs money.

[edit] Checklist

  • Low-tech: flip-charts & markers
  • Projectors, a/v, mics?
  • Wifi - Big Pipe, up to 1.5x attendees connected to wifi at same time, allocate 100kB/s/connection - 300 attendees = 45MB/s bandwidth requirement (plus the ability to handle 450 simultaneous connections / IP addresses).
  • Electricity - need power strips everywhere. Every seat should be within reach of one.
  • Room configurations - chairs, podiums, etc
  • Staff

[edit] Infrastructure for presentations

  • Standard PC in the 3 rooms with current versions of Firefox,, PDF reader, Flash player, Xephyr, Maemo 5 SDK, Maemo 4.1 SDK.
  • Maemo 5 compatible device provided by Nokia (e.g. developer unit) in each room.
  • Dedicated wlan for these PCs and devices so they don't depend on the overall bandwidth
  • Projector in each room satisfying the dimensions of the space.
    • Supporting 800x480 resolution for the devices and the standard resolutions available in the PC.
    • VGA connector and RCA jacks.

Speakers needing anything different need to do their requests in due time or come with their equipment at their own risk.