Maemo User Interface Issues Overview (Presentation)

This is a Lightning session that introduces the full presentation given at the Maemo Summit 2008 by Tim Samoff

"An Unofficial Guide to Creating a Most Excellent maemo User Interface" is about a year old. It was written in an attempt to assemble some useful Maemo-related UI philosophies and techniques for Maemo developers to consider when coding and/or porting software to the Maemo platform. Initially, there was a little help and guidance from the Nokia Maemo team, but little input from the greater Maemo Community (aside from blog comments and miscellaneous emails). I'd like to open the document up for community scrutiny, critique, and editing -- with the possibility of adding it to the official wiki compendium.

[edit] Outline of the Program

3-minute explanation that asks for community involvement.

  • About Guide
    • Inception
    • Participation
    • Hopes & Dreams

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