Maemo in OSiM World 2008

The Maemo related activity in is concentrated in two sessions.


[edit] Nokia and Maemo: Next Iteration

Ari Jaaksi has a keynote on Wednesday 17 at 11.40:

  • Maemo: one step further
  • and the maturity of a community
  • Linux in the context of Nokia today

Ari Jaaksi, Vice President, Maemo Software, Nokia Devices R&D Nokia

[edit] Get ready for 2009!

There is a Maemo developer session on Thursday 18 at 10.30-12.15. Free access for developers!

This program is provisional and, in fact, Nokia is doing heavy changes on it. The content will change in order to introduce in more detail the news presented by Ari that are relevant to developers.

  • Meet the core maemo development team.
  • OSS details about the next release.
  • Diablo plans and evolution.
  • maemo developer community: the next level.

Facilitators: QuimGil, Marketing Manager,Open Source, maemo software@Nokia
Niels Breet, maemo community webmaster
Dave Neary, maemo community docmaster
Andre Klapper, maemo community bugmaster

[edit] Sponsored participants

Nokia is covering their registration as independent developers. The OSiM organization will contact them to have the registration complete.

  • John Costigan
  • Adam Harwell
  • Nikos Tsourakis
  • Roger Sperberg
  • Reggie Suplido
  • Thomas Perl
  • Florian Boor
  • Stephen Gadsby
  • Simon Budig
  • Andrew Flegg
  • Loïc Minier
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Tim Samoff
  • Eric Warnke
  • Henrik Hedberg
  • Alan Bruce

[edit] And more!