Maemo professionals

Many companies have participated in the development of free software components of the Maemo platform through contracts with Nokia. There are also a number of independent professionals active in the Maemo project. Here is a list of some of the individuals companies, with a short description, that have contributed to making Maemo what it is.


[edit] Maemo Professionals

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Name Expertise CV/Linkedin Looking for: (job/internship/freelancer) Contact(s)
Aniello Del Sorbo Software developer / PhD in Network Security / OSS developer-enthusiast Full-time
Gary Birkett System Architect / Optimized UX applications / consultancy the correct role
Mike Choy Account Director IT Services Full Time
Sebastian Lauwers Security Consultancy / Evangelist Consulting offers / Job proposals sebastian.lauwers *at* gmail
Tim Samoff Graphic/UI/UX designer & Creative Director Full-time or contract work
Valério Valério Software developer / OSS advocate Job/internship proposals

[edit] Companies in Maemo

[edit] basysKom


basysKom is the leading MeeGo and Qt consulting company in Europe offering professional services for the Qt cross platform framework developed by Qt Development Frameworks/Nokia and is Qt Partner since more than 5 years. basysKom develops intuitive and appealing GUIs and supports customers in migrating their applications to open standards.

basysKom is your expert in cross-platform Software Development. We build sophisticated Embedded Systems software on desktop and embedded systems including mobile devices and industry applications. We automate the Quality Assurance of your software and provide consulting services, training, release and life cycle management and support for the full development process.

[edit] CodeThink


CodeThink specializes in providing expert consultancy on the Linux, Freedesktop and GNOME software stack. They maintain a network of expert consultants, all of whom are well known experts in areas of the stack.

They provide the service of creating a group of experts to solve your development needs, architecting solutions and managing the lifetime of your project, both for the development period and for its expected lifetime within the open source community.

[edit] Collabora


Collabora is a software consultancy specialising in bringing companies and the open source software community together.

They combine years of open source software experience with an understanding of the challenges that businesses face in engaging external developers.

[edit] Fluendo


Fluendo is a company specialized in delivering products and consulting services for Unix and Linux multimedia. Their flagship product is their streaming media server, Flumotion.

They support the development of the GStreamer multimedia framework, which is emerging as the standard media framework on Unix and Linux platforms.

[edit] Igalia


Igalia is a company from south-western Europe (Galicia, Spain), specialized in the development of innovative free software technologies and solutions. Igalia has been increasing its involvement in the GNOME community since its creation eight years ago, contributing with code and documentation to various platform components and applications, and sponsoring and organizing events. During the last five years, the company has applied its experience on free software and GNOME to the mobile market, contributing to related platforms like Maemo, and developing projects for relevant international companies.

Igalia is founding member of GNOME Mobile and member of the GNOME Foundation's Advisory Board.

[edit] Imendio


Imendio is a small European company employing some of the world's most experienced and talented GTK+ developers. They focus on library and API development, targeting platforms ranging from embedded devices to desktops. With extensive experience in GLib/GTK+ solutions, Imendio provides first class software development services.

[edit] Kernel Concepts

Kernel Concepts

Kernel Concepts offer a broad range of services and products around open source, especially Linux. Key aspects of their work are development and consulting for industrial and professional use.

[edit] Lanedo


Lanedo is a small European company employing some of the world's most experienced and talented Linux developers. They focus on library and API development, targeting platforms ranging from embedded devices to desktops. With extensive experience in GLib/GTK+/Tracker solutions and the ecosystems around those projects, Lanedo provides first class software development services.

[edit] Movial


Movial inspires rich, intuitive Internet experiences for companies embracing transformational technologies. Leveraging its deep expertise in Internet, Linux and mobile devices, Movial seamlessly enables its customers to deliver richer user experiences to millions of people on PCs and on mobile devices.

[edit] Nomovok


Nomovok Ltd. is focused on Open Source software technologies and deployments. Our core competence is building products and services. By deploying the Z Corporate Community (ZCOCO) in a distributed organisation, Nomovok is innovating the way software delivery projects are executed.

[edit] OpenedHand


OpenedHand was a team of talented and creative people passionate about open source and embedded devices. They were committed to creatively pushing boundaries, innovatively solving problems and providing second to none customer service. They loved what they did and their clients loved their ability to deliver on time combined with an honest, down to earth approach.

OpenedHand was acquired by Intel in 2009, and no longer works on the Maemo platform.

[edit] Openismus


Openismus provides custom software development, specializing in GNOME, gtkmm, Qt, GTK+, databases, communications, and embedded Linux. They are based in Germany.

[edit] Tarent


Tarent is specialized in developing enterprise solutions for big customers in the industrial and public sector. This includes classic server side business applications as well as applications in the mobile and embedded space. All solutions of Tarent are build on top of open source platforms. Tarent's main contribution to Maemo was done through the Jalimo project, which brings a Java 1.5 comparable stack for Maemo.

Tarent People active in Maemo: Sebastian Mancke, Robert Schuster