Mappero topomaps


[edit] Notice! The Finnish topomaps are not available anymore (dec 2010).

The service was closed by Nokia in 2010. A placeholder is available at

"Dear user of map service.

The topographic maps of this repository are not up to date. Distribution of the map material is closed.

Thank you for participating the pilot usage."


[edit] Here are instructions to get topomaps to Mappero / maemo-mapper.

[edit] Step by step instructions

The easiest way to get the Finnish topomaps working with Mappero is to update the map repositories. This can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Open Mappero :-)
  • Open the menu by tapping on the title bar.
  • Choose "Maps", then "Repositories".
  • Click on the "Sync" button (need to be connected to the internet).
  • A banner should appear and inform you about the successful completion of the operation. Dismiss the banner.
  • Dismiss all the dialogs (due to a bug, the newly downloaded repositories are not available in the repository selector).
  • Reopen the menu.
  • Choose "Maps".
  • Choose "Finnish topomaps", and press OK.

[edit] Manual configuration

This section should not be needed anymore; it is left here because it can still be used in case the update of the repositories described above fails for whatever reason. When adding the tile and map repositories, make sure you set all the fields correctly before you save and go forward. The most common problems seem to be getting the URL wrong and forgetting to set type and image type for tiles. If it doesn't work, delete both repositories and start over from scratch.

  • Open maemo-mapper
  • Tap title bar and select: Maps - Manage Tiles/Layers...
  • Add new and set Name, UniqIDand and Cache Dir for example: NLS
  • Paste correct address below to URL-field. Ensure that there are exactly 50 'space' characters in that long space, copy paste seems to create only 49.
  • Set type according to information below
  • Set image type according to information below
  • Save settings
  • Next tap title bar again and select: Maps - Manage Repositories...
  • Add new and set name for example: NLS
  • Select Min zoom: 5
  • Select Max zoom: 20
  • select zoom step: 1
  • Select Tiles: NLS (or whatever name you set earlier for tiles)
  • Then save repository

[edit] Local repositories

[edit] Finland                                                 © NLS 20O8 …þ

Repository settings for Mapper alpha 8(and newer)

Tile type: XYZ_INV
Image type: JPEG

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