Mar-Rotation Manager


[edit] Mar-Rotation Manager

PROJECT TEMPORARILY FROZEN - I'm working on DR meter and it's more important to me.

Mar-Rotation Manager is an app to make easy managing which apps are rotated and which not.

[edit] Download

Not already working :D

[edit] Dependencies

  • sudser
  • CSSU - program will run without it, but won't give anything

[edit] Current developement status

Alpha (no GUI, poor interface)
Expected release date: up to 29th October
User interface: interactive, console (Qt GUI planned)

[edit] Features

Feature Dev status Description
backup partially done (only one at time) You can backup the transitions.ini file to restore it.
wrtiting data done Writing 'blacklist <app>' or 'whitelist <app>' to transitions.ini
controlling for duplicates partially done (only reading) It controls if you haven't added this app to transitions.ini yet.
restore partially done (only one at time) You can restore the backuped transitions.ini file.
GUI in Qt not attempted yet There'll be a GUI to avoid all this typing

[edit] FAQ

[edit] std::out_of_range error

I found it while testing. The fix is copying the binary by (assuming it's in MyDocs):

sudo mv MyDocs/mar-rotationmgr .

[edit] TODO

  • Qt GUI
  • improve backup & restore