[edit] What is MeeCoLay?

MeeCoLay stands for MeeGo Compatibility Layer. It allows to run Harmattan apps on Fremantle.

[edit] Configuration

The first configuration should be in your mind ;)

DO NOT RUN MEEGO APPS AS ROOT. This may cause them to crash.

[edit] First preparations

First of all you need to have an updated packages list and extras-devel repository enabled, as meecolay always having new updates, new dependencies, new libraries packs.

Each command should be run as root. You can obtain root shell by

sudo gainroot

Beware of root shell, as using it wrong you may brick your N900.

Update your package list using application manager via "update" button or using terminal

apt-get update

Now you are ready to install meecolay !

apt-get install meecolay

Will install almost everything needed. Meecolay ships with its own included repo if you haven't manually installed newer version of glib2.0-0 or sqlite3, you may want to download them with

apt-get install libglib2.0-0 sqlite3 libsqlite3-0

Even if you don't install those packages, they should be automatically installed when they're needed when you try to correct dependencies

apt-get install -f

Note: that if the package gets uninstalled after this command, you need to modify its DEBIAN/control. Uninstall it, otherwise you won't be able to install anything else !. Modify the depends and install again. This should be eased up in the future. Now you are ready to try MeeGo games and apps using this command

meecolay /path/to/executable

[edit] Compatibility

Main article: MeeCoLay/Compatibility

The compatibility page lists programs that could be successfully executed and worked, reported by users. It also lists programs that partially work and also incompatible (yet?) programs.

[edit] Workarounds

Main article: MeeCoLay/Workarounds

The workarounds page lists some common errors you might encounter while running an app through MeeCoLay, and how you can fix those errors.

[edit] Bugs and Discussion

Discuss MeeCoLay in this thread.

Missing libraries and bugs should be reported in bugtracker:

[edit] Extra

Would you like to have a GUI for MeeCoLay? It will:

  • make installing Harmattan applications on Fremantle (N900) much easier and more user-friendly.
  • move the icons and the desktop file to the right directory, so that you can launch it from the menu straight after installation.
  • contain a function to add custom commands in the desktop file for running the applications.
  • fetch any other changes than need to be done for flawless installation under Fremantle
  • ask you how you want the apps to be installed - whether automatically with HAM (Hildon Application Manager) or manually (e.g. with dpkg)
  • add to the menu entries a fix for forced rotation: you won't have to lock the rotation manually anymore!
  • be a graphically-rich Qt/QML user interface
  • include command-line tools, hopefully :)

Do you like the idea? If yes, please consider giving more motivation to the MeeCoLay developer (marmistrz) and donating.

You may as well pledge the donation, and pay after the development of the user interface has finished.

Donation link:

The more donations are received/pledged, the faster the GUI will be created!