MeeGo apps on Fremantle

MeeGo apps can be run on Fremantle

[edit] Requirements

  • CSSU Testing (>= 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo3.1) or it's equivalent when it comes stable
  • Qt4 (>= 4.7.4) - supported from CSSU above
  • QtMobility12

[edit] How to make the app run

First of all you'll need to change the DEBIAN/control file. Some packages have different names in Fremantle

App name in Fremantle Version in Fremantle App name in Harmattan Notes
libdbus-1-3 1.2.14-0maemo4 N/A N/A
libstdc++6 4.2.1-4maemo13+0m5 N/A Many apps depending on higher version work with the Fremantle one
libx11-6 2: N/A N/A
libxi6 N/A N/A