Mer/Blueprints/Backlight behaviour

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System active -> System idle -> System inactive

  • Global properties in use:
    • Seconds since last input (SSLI)
    • System state (SS: Active, Idle, Inactive)
  • Gconf2 settings:
    • Backlight level while system active (Active Backlight Value)
    • Backlight level when display dimmed (Dimmed Backlight Value
    • Seconds idle before making display dimmed (Seconds To Dim)
    • Boolean value as if to keep backlight lit (Stay Lit)
    • Seconds idle before turning off display (Seconds To Turn Off)
  • HAL methods:
    • LaptopPanel/SetBrightness
  • Event-Reactions:
    • If ABV modified, and SS = Active, SetBrightness to ABV
    • If ADV modified, and SS = Idle, SetBrightness to ADV
    • If STD > SSLI, set SS to Idle unless SL
    • If SSLI < STD, set SS to Active
    • If STTO > SSLI, set SS to Inactive unless SL
    • If SS modified to Idle, SetBrightness to ADV
    • If SS modified to Active, SetBrightness to ABV
    • If SS modified to Inactive, SetBrightness to 0, turn off screen