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[edit] Help bringing a package up to date

  • Make yourself a account, upload your SSH keys, and install Bazaar.
  • Grab the source package that Mer package is based on, and the new one from the Fremantle alpha, extract them. diff -ruN them, and save the diff (from now on patchname).
  • Typical files to avoid patching (you can delete them in the resulting patch):
    • .in files
    • configure
    • (feel free to add more to the list)
  • bzr branch <lp:something listed in table below>
  • cd into the checked out directory
  • Apply the patch from before (patch -p1 < patchname probably, you can patch -p1 --dry-run < patchname to test run the patch), fix it if it doesn't apply cleanly (watch out for configure and autoconf generated things)
  • bzr add any added files (avoid .rej and .orig, bzr status is a good tool)
  • dch -m -i, and add your personal log message. Name the version, Mer version + 1.
  • bzr commit -m "your personal log message"
  • bzr push lp:~yourusername/m-r/packagename
  • Ideally, bzr export <some dir> lp:~yourusername/m-r/packagename, cd <some dir> and try to dpkg-buildpackage -b it.
  • Point us to the branch and we'll put the branch in the repository and build it.

Most patches apply cleanly, though, you will most likely see patch failed in debian/changelog, is fairly easy to fix, just add the items from .rej without the +'s in the front and add an according version above it using dch.

[edit] Typical package repositories

[edit] Current package status

Same version Same version root, but Mer specific changes Package missing in Fremantle SDK Version root differs, and Fremantle has a newer version Version root differs, but Mer has a newer version

Source package Mer version Fremantle SDK version Bzr branch Comments
alarmd 0.5.20mer1 1.1.3+0m5 -
certman 1.7.19 1.7.19 - -
clinkc 2.0-0osso16mr2 2.0-0osso16 - -
clipboard-manager 0.6.8-4+0m5 0.6.8-4+0m5 - -
dbus-glib 0.78-0maemo1mer2 0.78-0maemo2 - -
epeg - -
gail 1:1.18.0-osso14mer2 - - -
gconf2 1:2.16.0-2osso4mer1 2.16.0-2osso5+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/gconf2 Dirty tricks here. (Ignore the 1:) Needs update to osso5
glib2.0 2.18.1-1maemo2mer2 2.18.1-1maemo4+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/glib -
gnome-vfs-filechooser-backend 1.10.0-1mer1 1.10.0-1+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/gnome-vfs-filechooser-backend Just a rebuild?
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-osso 1.11.6 - - -
gtk+2.0 2:2.12.12-1maemo13mer9 2:2.12.12-1maemo12+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/gtk+ Ahead as we use the stage.* SVN
gtkhtml 3.24.0-osso3mer1 - - Has a new name it seems?
hildon-application-manager 1:2.1.20~unreleased-r1465-mer3 1:2.2.17+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/hildon-application-manager -
hildon-control-panel 1:2.2.5-1mer5 1:2.2.6-1+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/hildon-control-panel -
hildon-games-wrapper 1.9.4-3+0m5 1.9.4-3+0m5 - -
hildon-input-method 1:2.0.4-1mer4 1:2.1.16-1+0m5 r44 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/hildon-input-method-mer, r44 Kept back because of Fremantle HIM requiring a thumb keyboard
hildon-input-method-framework 1:2.0.1-1mer2 1:2.1.16-1+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/hildon-input-method-framework-mer Kept back because of Fremantle HIM requiring a thumb keyboard
hildon-theme-cacher 0.4.3-1mer1 0.4.3-1-recomp1 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/hildon-theme-cacher just a rebuild.
hildon-theme-tools 0.5.2-1mer1 0.5.2-1
hildon-thumbnail 3.0.21+0m5 3.0.21+0m5 -
icd2-osso-ic-dev 2.0mer1 2.0 - Only in repository.
libconbtui 1.4.1mer1 1.4.1 -
libconic 0.19mer2 0.20+0m5 -
libdb1 1.85.4-osso8 1.85.4-osso8 -
libhildon 2.1.62-1+0m5mer1 2.1.62-1+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/libhildon-2.1.24 -
libhildonfm 1:2.1.7mer2 1:2.10+0m5 - Just in repository.
libhildonhelp 2.0.5-1 - lp:~mer-committers/m-r/libhildonhelp Removed in Fremantle.
libhildonmime 2.1.2-1mer2 2.1.3-1+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/libhildonmime -
libosso 2.19-1mer1 2.19-1 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/libosso From stage.* SVN, hence in front.
maemo-launcher 0.31-2mer4 0.35-1+0m5 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/maemo-launcher -
maemopad 2.4-6+0m5 2.4-6+0m5 - -
mce-dev 1.8.10+0m5 1.8.10+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/mce-dev REVERTED.
osso-af-settings 0.9.3-1mer1 0.9.2-1 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/osso-af-settings -
osso-af-utils 2.0-3+0m5 2.0-3+0m5 - -
osso-gnome-vfs2 2:2.16.3-2osso2mer2 2.16.3-2osso3+0m5 - Needs update to osso3
osso-gnomevfs-extra 2:1.9.6-3mer1 1.9.6-3 lp:~mer-committers/m-r/osso-gnomevfs-extra Ignore the 2: part.
osso-gwconnect 1.0.12-mer4 1.0.12 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/osso-gwconnect -
osso-gwobex 0.61mer2 0.62+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/osso-gwobex Ahead, from SVN.
osso-systemui-dbus-dev 0.1.2 0.1.2 - -
sapwood 3.1.1-1-mer2 3.1.1-2+0m5 lp:~carsten-munk/m-r/sapwood -
screenshot-tool 1.23-2 1.23-2
tablet-browser-interface 0.0.5-4 0.0.5-4 - Browser is coming in final SDK.
wpeditor 2.18-0mer1 2.22-0+0m5 - -