Mer/Documentation/First Steps

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Here are some ideas to help you get some useful things running on Mer. They can all be installed via apt-get install


[edit] Sound

Sound currently (0.12) only works with alsa, not pulseaudio so:

 apt-get install alsa-base

gnome-alsamixer works as a volume control

For music playback try xfmedia with xine-backend it uses the least cpu and supports playlists.

[edit] Video

dragonplayer, plays videos.

[edit] Internet

Of course, midori is already present but you may want to try arora, another browser.

For IRC try Xchat

[edit] Tablet Hardware

Mer already comes with advanced backlight but you may also want to install tablet-battery-monitor ... but it's fiddly. Once you apt-get it, a menu entry appears in Mer/Extras ... clicking this walks you through an epic journey...