Mer/Documentation/Getting your package included

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  • Make sure it compiles after getting your build dependancies, dpkg-buildpackage.
  • Ideally test dpkg-buildpackage -S -us -uc, dpkg-buildpackage -b -us -uc, and dpkg-buildpackage -B (some packages may not build any arch-dep packages, so that's OK. Microdocument it on Jaiku.)
  • bzr export source package name lp:~yourusername/m-r/source package name (gives you a checked out version, without metadata)
  • cd source package name
  • dpkg-buildpackage -S -us -uc, to generate a source package
  • Upload the resulting source package (*.changes, *.tar.gz, possibly *.diff.gz) to your ~/incoming on
  • ssh /import-new-packages

(This will add the source package to repository, and complain otherwise.)

  • You need access to merbuilder & repository upload for the following, ask Stskeeps on Jaiku/IRC for this.
  • Builder is at
  • Follow instructions, and submit job.