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Mer is back : Please visit to learn more about this news.

[edit] Mer Development

Mer development is currently based around the OBS tools.

Install osc as described on the Mer/Build page.

TODO: work through: linking home to various Mer build targets; creating a package on OBS home:<username>, building using tar.gz, diff.gz and .dsc files. chroot using qemu and sharing with local desktop. Uploading files to OBS. Promotion

[edit] Pre 0.13 SDK (armv5te)

First, install Fremantle SDK, and add yourself as a user to scratchbox.

As user:


  • You might have to do export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig to get some pkg-config stuff going
  • You might have to set cpu right and such to target armv5el (no vfp)
  • You probably need to get EABI cpu transparency target too
  • 'not safe for cross-compilation' warnings (not true, i think)
  • fakeroot apt-get dist-upgrade is good once in a while to keep up to date.