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Mer Project planning page for Maemo Summit 2009
October 9-10-11
WesterGasFabriek - Amsterdam
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[edit] Attendants List

[edit] Attendant Names (% Chance of Attending)

  • stskeeps (75%)
  • lbt (100%)
  • mtc (12%)

[edit] Activity Intentions

[edit] Template (short title)


Real name:

Affiliation and country of residence:

Areas of interest and expertises:

What you hope to accomplish on the 30th and 31th May 2009

(Make a 5 line summary of what you're interested in doing)

Who do you hope to cooperate with to get this accomplished

(If there are other people at the developer meeting it would be useful to cooperate with to get this accomplished)


(Do you plan on making any presentations or demos at the developer meeting?)

Reference from Stskeeps

(Reference from Stskeeps if need be based on past contributions, for sponsorship requests of travel and accommodation)

[edit] Accommodations, Ride-sharing, and Miscellaneous

[edit] Marketing Materials

[edit] Proposed Materials

  • 100-800 Mer Project Flyers
  • 20-200 Mer Project Badges
  • Specific Mer Project exhibitor table

[edit] Secured Materials

  • list materials and contact name