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[edit] Mer-branded promotional badges

[edit] Description

Badges are 3.18cm by 2.5cm (1.25 inch by 1 inch) with the Mer logo as seen on the desktop background, with that same blue gradient background. They fit nicely on the back of any Nokia Internet Tablet or on any laptop or desktop computer. Stylish way to let everyone know your tablet computer is Maemo Reloaded! The material is vinyl so badges should not fade or tear, like paper ones.

Mer Project Case Badges

[edit] Inventory Status

Offer no longer available.

[edit] Ordering Information

Get twenty badges for 5 USD - check, money order, or dollar bills.
Also include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope for shipment. Offer no longer available.

International orders should include funds for shipping and handling, instead of the SASE postage. Do include a return-addressed envelope.

Proceeds go toward additional Mer Project marketing efforts, such as exhibitor table fees.