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osc lspkg  Maemo:Mer:Devel:Base==Maemo:Mer:Devel:Base==


[edit] advanced-power-monitor

Automatically generated description for advanced-power-monitor. Should come from debs?

[edit] apt

package management app modified to add Maemo queuemode support and to identify to Nokia repos.

[edit] auto-startx


[edit] base64

dummy package needed to support Maemo packages

[edit] build

This package provides a script for building RPMs for SUSE Linux in a chroot environment.

[edit] circular-syslogd

Supports circular log files

[edit] cnetworkmanager

Automatically generated description for cnetworkmanager. Should come from debs?

[edit] core-pattern

Automatically generated description for core-pattern. Should come from debs?

[edit] docpurge

Script to automatically purge any manpage and infopage after dpkg is called.

[edit] evkey

Automatically generated description for evkey. Should come from debs?

[edit] hal

Changes from upstream Ubuntu: (*) if not in patch/quilt form

Includes Nokia N8x0 specific HAL extensions (*) Includes LED fix, bad author in changelog (*)

[edit] libxsp

Automatically generated description for libxsp. Should come from debs?

[edit] mer-platform

A library for runtime detemination of the hardware platform in use.

[edit] ohm

Open Hardware Manager

OHM is a small open source systems daemon which sits above HAL and abstracts out common hardware management tasks.

[edit] osc

Commandline client for the openSUSE build service.

See , as well as for a general introduction.


   Peter Poeml <>

[edit] prelink

prelink is used to speed up the loading of dynamically linked executables.

This version is lightly modified to build for Mer

[edit] pulseaudio

Automatically generated description for pulseaudio. Should come from debs?

[edit] sudo

Using Maemo variant because of /etc/sudoers.d integration.

[edit] tslib

Changes from upstream Ubuntu: (*) if not in patch/quilt form:

Add ts_write_calibration from Maemo tslib, useful for Xomap (*)

[edit] upstart

Changes from upstream Ubuntu: (*) if not in patch form

Added upstart-dev from Nokia upstart, packaging only patch

[edit] utelnetd

Automatically generated description for utelnetd. Should come from debs?

[edit] waitdbus

Automatically generated description for waitdbus. Should come from debs?

[edit] x11proto-xsp

Automatically generated description for x11proto-xsp. Should come from debs?

[edit] xf86-input-tslib

Changes from upstream Ubuntu:

Used Debian upstream as it is more developed

[edit] xkeyboard-config

Type: Non-device specific, central repository for all platforms.

Changes from upstream Ubuntu: (*) if not in quilt/dpatch form)

Added Nokia keyboard information, and mapping Fn to RALT. (*)

[edit] xresponse-visualize

Automatically generated description for xresponse-visualize. Should come from debs?