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osc lspkg  Maemo:Mer:Devel:HW:SmartQ


[edit] Maemo:Mer:Devel:HW:SmartQ

[edit] hald-addon-smartq

toggles's addon to HAL for SmartQ batteries.

[edit] kernel-smartq5

Compiled kernel for the SmartQ5 device.

[edit] kernel-smartq7

[edit] kernel-source-smartq5

Kernel source for the SmartQ 5 MID.

[edit] mer-omap-fb-splash

Automatically generated.

[edit] omap-fb-tools

Automatically generated description for omap-fb-tools. Should come from debs?

[edit] smartq5-bootloader

Bootloader for SmartQ5

[edit] smartq5-support

SmartQ5 support