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This is a proposal how community firmware images as mentioned in Task:Community_firmware_image_distribution could be done in practice.

Permissions needed from Nokia to

  • Permission to distribute the resulting firmware image of merged Nokia-closed software and Mer software, through, behind validation of MAC address (for N8x0(W) users) and EULA specified by Nokia
  • Permission to download from the Diablo update repositories, binary packages (.deb files), which are Nokia-closed software. Current initial list we would like to use:
    • hald-addon-bme - for retrieving battery information
    • (more to come)
  • Permission to optionally patch scripts/package information (not binaries) in the Nokia-closed packages in order to fit them into Mer, by fixing incompatibility problems.

Need to check if this is needed:

  • Permission to develop patches (recipes) which may contain snippets of Nokia-closed scripts/package information as to be able to perform the patching operation correctly.
  • Permission to store these patches publically.

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