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This page gives an overview of the support for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet


[edit] Mer .15

[edit] Bluetooth

Add symlink for bluetooth with

ln -s /mnt/initfs/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/brf6150fw.bin /lib/firmware/brf6150fw.bin

Currently the bluetoothd starts then immediately segfaults.

[edit] Network

[edit] Wifi

[edit] NetworkManager

NM-applet Works.

[edit] wicd

Wicd shows networks and has connected successfully.

[edit] USB Networking

Usbnet working in normal boot with

modprobe g_ether; ifdown usb0; ifup usb0

[edit] Headset switch events

Main article: Mer/Headset_switch_events

[edit] RescueMenu

UsbNet option selectable, 770 boots to desktop, but unable to connect from host.