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This page describes the status and tips for the SmartQ devices

Please don't use 0.15 at this time. There may be issues with the SmartQ kernel that 0.15 uses that could damage the internal flash.


[edit] SmartQ Flashing/Boot Safety

The Q5/Q7 is unbrickable by design (although power surges at any time, including whilst flashing, could cause damage).

The only issue we are aware of is using a charger/DC that does not give sufficient current, when replaced the devices are fine.

There is a page with some very technical details

Mer uses the same sources as SmartDevices for the bootloader (Qi and U-boot). This is merged together with the exact same tools SmartDevices uses along with same initramfs as the official images. We follow the exact same internal memory pattern as the 'official' images.

This info is based on talks with the SmartDevices guys and code in boot loader + board instructions. If the device is rebooting endlessly, it will still be possible to force it to boot from the external SD. It is the same way SmartDevices people handle 'dead' Q5/Q7 when put in for repair.

The company is fine with everyone experimenting because it knows it can always bring back a device to life.

[edit] Tips & Tricks

[edit] usb

To enable usb host mode:

echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/hhtech_gpio/usbpwr_en;
echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/hhtech_gpio/usbotgdrv_en;
modprobe ohci-hcd;
modprobe usb-storage;

This allows the usb keyboard and usb mouse to work too.

[edit] Known issues specific to SmartQ

  • None

[edit] Known issues specific to SmartQ5

  • Onscreen keyboard bad
  • wifi is not working out of the box
  • power not assigned

[edit] Known issues specific to SmartQ7

  • There are no arrow keys currently. The by-pass can be use xmodmap

vim .mod in your home directory

keycode 73 = Up
keycode 74 = Down
keycode 36 = Right
keycode 9 = Left

Then run xmodmap .mod