Meta:Problems in the LaTeX2HTML2Wiki import process

WARNING, part 1: most of the issues listed on this page aren't experienced with the latest versions of the import toolchain, and as a result, this page should be considered as largely outdated. But

WARNING, part 2: this is a quick jot down of the minor beauty glitches in the import process of certain information to the Mediawiki environment. Not all problems are listed, and this is by no means a concise reference in the matter.

[edit] Import process

The information is currently imported to the wiki from LaTeX via HTML phase, as the tools available to convert LaTeX to Mediawiki format are unfinished at best. This process causes few minor glitches in the Wiki markup, and the articles imported need to be edited in any case to match even the rudimentary style conforms of the wiki.

  • headers
  • excess line breaks (also with <br />)
  • graybox division around verbatim text areas
  • random verbatim code blocks after a header or a bulleted list

[edit] How to help

You can use different tools to help with the integration of the imported documents to Maemo wiki in several different ways. There are multiple tools available, for example

There are some specific tasks to do to problems listed above. Most of them can and should be done when importing, but some problems may remain afterwards.

  • headers The top level header is always included with the process and it should be removed. Also, chapter numbers are imported, and they should be removed. An example of this is
    ==<span class="arabic">2</span>.<span class="arabic">1</span> Getting started==
    which in reality should be
    ==Getting started==
  • excess line breaks There might be excess line breaks before and after code blocks.
  • graybox division around verbatim text areas The graybox <div class="graybox"> is not needed in the Wiki and could be removed.
  • random verbatim code blocks after a header or a bulleted list For some reason, the HTML2Wiki adds a whitespace to paragraphs starting immediately after a header or a bulleted list. These should be removed.