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[edit] Project status

Tasks for the next release get a HIGH priority. All the rest falls in the Backlog.

[edit] Miniature 0.5 release

Tasks COMMITTED for Miniature 0.5.

IDSeverityStatusResolutionSummary (13 tasks)
12456enhancementRESOLVEDFIXEDMiniature official support for Maemo
12420normalRESOLVEDFIXEDMiniature crashes on closing the application from recents view
12345criticalVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature's i18n is missing
12426criticalVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature doesn't handle draw requests
12351enhancementVERIFIEDFIXEDMake move confirmation an option or remove it
12359enhancementVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature FICS user must fill id & password every time
12390enhancementVERIFIEDFIXEDMake last turn visible
12455enhancementVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature chat area use is not obvious
12394majorVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature should set autoflag 1 automatically
12419minorVERIFIEDFIXEDAbout Miniature dialog: "i" button is hiding a part of a link
7867normalVERIFIEDFIXEDDisplay shouldn't dim while playing a game
12435normalVERIFIEDFIXEDMiniature should recognize games forfeited on time
12464normalVERIFIEDFIXEDPlayers with rating of less 1000 points cannot reliably use Miniature

[edit] Backlog

IDSeverityPassigneeStatusResolutionSummary (20 tasks)
8142enhancementLowNEWChess games logs need to be stored somewhere
12346normalMediumNEWMiniature needs a proper repository
12348majorMediumNEWMiniature for MeeGo CE doesn't show TextField
12354normalMediumNEWList of games: Show available game offers only
12360normalMediumNEWList of games: Function of the Back-Arrow unclear. Confirmation Dialogue needed?
12392enhancementLowNEWShow how much material is left for each player
12396enhancementMediumNEWImplement dialog for challanges
12410enhancementMediumNEWOnlineBoard: Implement item "abort" in back menu
12413normalMediumNEWThe chat log doesn't show the last line when the local user posts
12422minorLowNEWShow application close button in the upper right corner
12423enhancementMediumNEWExtend chat feature
12427normalMediumNEWMiniature doesn't handle adjourn requests
12431enhancementMediumNEWSeekGames: Do not show more than 50 games in the list at once (was: Implement "clear list" function)
12439enhancementMediumNEWEnable breadcrumbs in the wiki (
12443enhancementMediumNEWFICS Setting: Implement an option to send game notation after a game ends
12469minorLowNEWInitial value of localSide.rating == 0 for Miniature registered users
12504enhancementMediumNEWafter failed login, VKB pops up even if in info screen
12539criticalUnspecifiedNEWInstallation on the N900 fails
12583majorUnspecifiedNEWNo hint that starting new games is impossible (number of adjourned games to high)
12592normalUnspecifiedNEWqtquickcompat is needed, but not listed as Depends

[edit] Easyfix (suited for newcomers)

enhancementLowNEWShow how much material is left for each player

Looking for more? There is more at the Wishlist.