[edit] Archived news

[edit] Miniature for Maemo 5 (unstable)

Miniature 0.1.3-1 is available in Maemo 5 Extras-devel, a repository recommended only to developers. End users will do good staying far from it, but there is a launchpad PPA with irregularly updated Ubuntu 9.04 packages.

New features in the last version:

  • Candidate UI to move pieces: one click to select piece, second click to select destination square and click to an external button to confirm the move. Pieces and squares can be changed at will before clicking the confirmation button.
  • Checks are detected now.
  • Backend fixes improving the responsiveness of the moves.

Features implemented in previous releases:

  • Boot a screen in portrait mode.
  • Display a nice-looking board.
  • Set the pieces in starting position.
  • Enforce basic chess rules except:
    • Checkmate
    • Stalemate
    • Castling
    • En-passant
    • Pawn promotion (works in the desktop version)

[edit] Old screenshots

This is how the real application will look like in v0.1.x-x.

[edit] Old mockups

How things should look like in the future. (We are looking for real designers!)

main-l: main window in landscape mode (needs update) menu layout

Very old. ;)


main-p: new UI concept: main window in portrait mode

[edit] Users

Do you want to test Miniature and it's cool possibility to play against other people over the air? Or do you want to make simply a match versus someone who is part of the community?

-> A list of users should help you to get an Opponent.

[edit] References

  • Crafty is a free, open-source computer chess program.
  • EBoard and Crafty for the N810/N800/N770 - OS2007 Downloads page.
  • Knights aimed to be the ultimate chess resource for the K Desktop Environment... years ago.
  • pacaq is a chess game visualizing and analysis tool done with the Maemo 4.1 Qt4 port - Talk thread.
    • From all programs on this list, this is the only one were reading the code is worth your time.
  • SCID, a chess database application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.
  • Xboard is a graphical user interface for chess in all its major forms.
  • Website of the Free Intrnet Chess Server (FICS)