[edit] Mapping OSM tags to modRana search preset

This page attempts to build a mapping of OpenStreetMap tags to categorised search presets. The primary target for use of this mapping is the modRana GPS navigation system, but any other applications is welcome to use (and contribute) them too! :)

[edit] Search categories

Currently in more or less JSON, with the currently used Google Local Search strings marked as "searchNatural". Suggestions on how to incorporate OSM tags search to the format welcome! :)

[edit] Sleep

 "hotel" : {"name": "Hotel", "searchNatural": "hotel"},
 "hostel" : {"name": "Hostel", "searchNatural": "hostel"},
 "motel" : {"name": "Motel", "searchNatural": "motel"},
 "camp" : {"name": "Camp", "searchNatural": "camp"}

[edit] Buy

 "supermarket" : {"name": "Supermarket", "searchNatural": "supermarket"},
 "hypermarket" : {"name": "Hypermarket", "searchNatural": "hypermarket"},
 "shopping_center" : {"name": "Shopping center", "searchNatural": "shopping center"},
 "gas_station" : {"name": "Gas station", "searchNatural": "gas station"},
 "outdoor" : {"name": "Outdoor", "searchNatural": "outdoor"},
 "diy" : {"name": "DIY", "searchNatural": "DIY"},
 "bank" : {"name": "Bank", "searchNatural": "bank"},
 "atm" : {"name": "ATM", "searchNatural": "ATM"},
 "bookstore" : {"name": "Bookstore", "searchNatural": "bookstore"},
 "computer_store" : {"name": "Computer store", "searchNatural": "computer store"}

[edit] Food

 "pub" : {"name": "Pub", "searchNatural": "pub"},
 "pub_food" : {"name": "Pub food", "searchNatural": "pub food"},
 "bar" : {"name": "Bar", "searchNatural": "bar"},
 "food" : {"name": "Food", "searchNatural": "food"},
 "restaurant" : {"name": "Restaurant", "searchNatural": "restaurant"},
 "cafe" : {"name": "Cafe", "searchNatural": "cafe"},
 "pizza" : {"name": "Pizza", "searchNatural": "pizza"},
 "fast_food" : {"name": "Fast food", "searchNatural": "fast food"}

[edit] Help

 "police" : {"name": "Police station", "searchNatural": "police"},
 "fire_station" : {"name": "Fire dpt.", "searchNatural": "fire"},
 "info" : {"name": "Information", "searchNatural": "information"},
 "hospital" : {"name": "Hospital", "searchNatural": "hospital"},
 "pharmacy" : {"name": "Pharmacy", "searchNatural": "pharmacy"},
 "ranger" : {"name": "Ranger", "searchNatural": "ranger"},
 "law" : {"name": "Law", "searchNatural": "law"},
 "embassy" : {"name": "Embassy", "searchNatural": "embassy"}

[edit] Hire

 "car_hire" : {"name": "Car hire", "searchNatural": "car hire"},
 "bike_hire" : {"name": "Bike hire", "searchNatural": "bike hire"},
 "ski_hire" : {"name": "Ski hire", "searchNatural": "Sky hire"}

[edit] Park

 "car_park" : {"name": "Car park", "searchNatural": "car park"},
 "free_car_park" : {"name": "Free car park", "searchNatural": "free car park"},
 "bike_park" : {"name": "Bike park", "searchNatural": "bike park"},
 "lay_by" : {"name": "Lay-by", "searchNatural": "lay by"}

[edit] Travel

 "airport" : {"name": "Airport", "searchNatural": "airport"},
 "heliport" : {"name": "Heliport", "searchNatural": "heliport"},
 "spaceport" : {"name": "Spaceport", "searchNatural": "spaceport"},
 "train_station" : {"name": "Train station", "searchNatural": "train station"},
 "bus" : {"name": "Bus", "searchNatural": "bus"},
 "tram" : {"name": "Tram", "searchNatural": "tram"},
 "subway" : {"name": "Subway", "searchNatural": "subway"},
 "station" : {"name": "Station", "searchNatural": "station"},
 "ev" : {"name": "EV charging", "searchNatural": "EV charging station"},
 "gas_station" : {"name": "Gas station", "searchNatural": "gas station"},
 "ferry" : {"name": "Ferry", "searchNatural": "ferry"},
 "harbour" : {"name": "Harbour", "searchNatural": "harbour"}

[edit] Repair

 "bike_shop" : {"name": "Bike shop", "searchNatural": "bike shop"},
 "garage" : {"name": "Garage", "searchNatural": "garage"}

[edit] Internet

 "hotspot" : {"name": "Hotspot", "searchNatural": "hotspot"},
 "free_wifi" : {"name": "Free wifi", "searchNatural": "free wifi"},
 "wireless_internet" : {"name": "Wireless", "searchNatural": "wireless internet"},
 "internet_cafe" : {"name": "Internet cafe", "searchNatural": "Category: Internet cafe"},
 "library" : {"name": "Library", "searchNatural": "library"}

[edit] Tourism

 "sightseeing" : {"name": "Sightseeing", "searchNatural": "sightseeing"},
 "tourist_information" : {"name": "Tourist info", "searchNatural": "tourist information"},
 "cinema" : {"name": "Cinema", "searchNatural": "cinema"},
 "theater" : {"name": "Theater", "searchNatural": "theater"},
 "gallery" : {"name": "Gallery", "searchNatural": "gallery"},
 "museum" : {"name": "Museum", "searchNatural": "museum"},
 "wine_cellar" : {"name": "Wine cellar", "searchNatural": "wine cellar"},
 "national_park" : {"name": "National park", "searchNatural": "national park"},
 "wc" : {"name": "WC", "searchNatural": "WC"},
 "swimming_pool" : {"name": "Swimming pool", "searchNatural": "swimming pool"}