Nokia N810

Photo of N810 with hardware keyboard extended
Nokia N810

Originally announced October 17th, 2007. As for hardware specs, it is similar to its predecessor, the Nokia N800. The differences are that it has 2 GB of storage memory, a daylight readable screen, a non-rotating camera on the face of the device, and a back-lit sliding keyboard. It also has an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust backlight levels based on the amount of light, as well as integrated GPS (A-GPS is used in Diablo) and a single miniSDHC card slot.

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An additional variant introduced in 2008 is the WiMax edition.


[edit] Hardware Details

[edit] OMAP2420 System-on-a-Chip

This is the heart of the N810.

The OMAP2420 includes an integrated ARM1136 processor (400 MHz), a TI TMS320C55x™DSP (220 MHz), 2D/3D graphics accelerator (the 3D accelerator is not used in official firmware but there is an alpha-quality driver available), imaging and video accelerator, high-performance system interconnects and industry-standard peripherals.

[edit] TSL2563 Ambient Light Sensor

Main article: N810 light meter

This is an I2C-attached light-to-digital converter

[edit] TLV320AIC33 Audio Codec

This is an I2C-attached stereo audio codec

[edit] LP5521 LED controller

This is an I2C-attached programmable LED controller.

[edit] TMC825x CMOS sensor

This is the CMOS camera sensor. It is Attached to the OMAP2 camera interface (video data) and I2C (control).

  • I2C slave address: 0x3d

[edit] LM8323 Keyboard

This is the keyboard controller.

  • I2C slave address: 0x45
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