N900 Hardware Bus I2c

I2C is a simple serial bus, used in many devices.


[edit] Hardware

[edit] Bus 1

[edit] Bus 2

[edit] Bus 3

[edit] Bus ?

edit: GPS is connected to RAPUYAMA and available to application processor only via libisi / cellmo-proxy

[edit] Software

The N900 software driving I2C comes in three flavors.

Firstly, there are a large number of kernel drivers.

Then, there are a small number of devices 'bit banged' through I2C ioctls - BME for example does this with the charge meter and battery charger.

Finally, there are probably some I2C components in the Rapuyama and assorted cellphone/GPS hardware. These are not visible to the casual developer. (you have to open the N900 and probe stuff, or hack the phone firmware).