N900 Hardware Chipset

The chip known as 'Gaia' in the schematics is the companion chip to the processor.

[edit] Hardware

The TWL5030B is the companion chip to the CPU. It can be seen in [1] and has USB PHY, power management and audio codec. It is also known as the TPS65950.

A datasheet for the TIs TPS65950 is at TIs website.

The USB PHY is not used and this function is handled by the nxp1707a [2] See more information on USB

The TPS65950 contains:

  • Power management
    • Several regulators - switched mode and LDO.
  • Audio codec
    • Five DACs, two ADCs
    • Several power amplifiers.
    • Microphone amplifiers
  • USB transceiver
    • Highspeed OTG compatible with integrated charge pump, and carkit support, designed for direct connection to the CPU. (not used in N900)
  • an ac/USB charger
  • LED drivers
  • ADC
    • ADC can measure both input voltages to device, or voltages connected externally.
  • RTC
  • GPIO
    • This can support switches, keypads, ...

[edit] Connections

It is connected to the I2C bus.