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[edit] Introduction

N9QTweak by Schturman is a collection of tweaks and settings for your N9/50 device. With this app users no longer need to worry about applying various tweaks manually with added complications.

[edit] Installation

1) Download the .deb file from the TMO thread

2) Transfer it to your phone and tap on it to install

3) A new icon will be created on the Homescreen at the end of successful installation. Clicking it will run the application.

[edit] Opening N9QTweak for the first time ever

1) Ensure you are connected to the Internet

2) A download menu for the PDF instructions file is displayed following which your chosen language's (English/Russian) PDF file is downloaded and saved to /home/user/MyDocs/Documents/N9_QuickTweak_LANGUAGE_VERSION.pdf

3) You are now set to use N9QTweak!

4) If you are unable to be connected to the Internet, the system will save a PDF file to /home/user/MyDocs/Documents/ with links for you to manually download the PDF instructions file.

NOTE: If you are unable to download the PDF file(s) even if connected to the Internet, make sure you have enabled background connections. Also try using a different Internet Connection. Alternatively, you may use the links in the other PDF file in /home/user/MyDocs/Documents/ to manually download the full PDF instructions file. Once done, copy the full PDF instructions file to /home/user/MyDocs/Documents and delete the links PDF file. Opening N9QTweak now will not give you the PDF download menu anymore.

The following only applies if you keep getting bash not found error:

1) Use MeeCatalog from the Store to add from the well-known catalogs list, Harmattan SDK repository

2) In terminal as root type the following:

 apt-get update
 apt-get install bash

3) Now try opening the app again.

[edit] Important Notes Before Running Any Tweaks

1) Run "Create Backup" [Tweak K] on first use of the app. This procedure does NOT need to be repeated when you wish to update to a newer version of the app.

2) Updating to a new version DOES NOT require you to run "Restore" from the app to undo any previous tweaks/mods.

3) Installation of new version is the same; just double click the new .deb file from your phone

4) In the event of not having a backup and requiring a clean backup download a CLEAN BACKUP

5) It is recommended to start with Tweak A first as Tweak A has some similar files to other tweaks which can result in other tweaks being restored too in the event Tweak A is restored if Tweak A was not installed first

6) Multiple tweaks can be appplied at once with one space between the letters before pressing ENTER [e.g. A B D E ... then pressing ENTER]

7) Some tweaks may need a refresh or reboot. You can apply them in the end of your session or in the end of the letters you want to apply at once. A single refresh or reboot will apply all the tweaks that require a refresh or reboot.

[edit] Tweaks Menu

[edit] Tweak A: Speed Up Transitions MODs


1. Full Speed Up Transition MOD: includes Landscape MOD for Home & Lockscreen.

2. Speed Up Transitions with Only Homescreen Landscape MOD

3. Speed Up Transitions with Only Lockscreen Landscape MOD

4. Only Speed Up Transitions - NO Landscape MOD

5. Restore to Default: This will restore your Backup files

[edit] Tweak B: Landscape MODs


1. Full Landscape MOD (Home & Lockscreen)

2. Only Homescreen Landscape MOD

3. Only Lockscreen Landscape MOD

4. Rotation of Meegotouch apps

This option works only for non-locked meegotouch apps i.e. apps written without QML. For example, after the application of this option, your music player, clock, terminal and browser will all be rotated across all 4 sides of your device.

5. Hide statusbar for meegotouch apps

6. Rotation of QML apps

7. Vesuri MOD for Stock Apps Rotation

This option is not recommended for novice users. Kindly read the corresponding thread first before attempting this option!

This option typically applies only the two .deb files you may find in Vesuri's thread. However, you may choose to apply the patch manually by doing the following as ROOT in terminal:

patch -p0 -i /opt/N9QTweak/Vesuri/libmeegotouch-unlockorientation.patch

You may remove the patch by doing as ROOT in terminal:

patch -p0 -R < /opt/N9QTweak/Vesuri/libmeegotouch-unlockorientation.patch

NOTE before applying:

This MOD can't be restored to default using option 9 and it is NOT included in Tweak Z!

8. Screen Rotation Sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer. Tweak will auto-refresh the device once applied.

For landscape and portrait (1 & 2), the higher the value set the higher the rotation angle required for the screen rotate i.e. higher value means lower sensitivity.

For accelerometer (3), the higher the value set, the higher the sensitivity and conversely the lower the value set, the lower the sensitivity of the accelerometer.

9. Restore ALL to Default [Except Vesuri MOD]

[edit] Tweak C: Changelog

Running this tweak will display the changelog for the latest version for the user!

[edit] Tweak E: Games MODs

1. Add Save option to Samurai II

2. Add Save option to Gears

3. Add Save option to Konas Crate

4. Add Save option to Roboto

5. Disable NFC in Angry Birds Magic

6. Add Mighty Eagle to Angry Birds Classic

[edit] Tweak E-7 APKENV project: Android games

This option allows you to install files from thp's apkenv project as well as creates desktop launchers for games that work currently!

Before running any option in this tweak you should read thp's project page to understand what exactly APKENV is as well as its limitations.

Tweak E-7-1: INSTALL Android games

Currently, Amazing Alex, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds (2.3.0), Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja & World of Goo work using this option. Place the .apk files in /home/user/MyDocs/Apkenv and rename them to as follows:

a. Angry Birds Space -> abspace.apk
b. Angry Birds Seasons -> abseasons.apk
c. Angry Birds Rio -> abrio.apk
d. Angry Birds (2.3.0) -> absurf.apk
e. Fruit Ninja -> fruitninja.apk
f. Cut the Rope -> ctrope.apk
g. World of Goo -> wogoo.apk
h. Amazing Alex -> aalex.apk

Only after copying the .apk files and renaming as above apply this option which will create a desktop icon on your homescreen for you to run the games! The first time you run this option, ensure you are connected to the internet for it to download some dependencies.

If you are unable to run the games even after doing the above, it means the .apk file is not compatible and you require another .apk file. You may simply replace the .apk file in the directory without having to run Tweak E-7-1 again! Games are auto-saved as long as N9QTweak is used to install them via this option!

Tweak E-7-3: UNINSTALL Android games

This will remove the desktop launchers only! You may choose multiple games to be removed by separating their numbers by a space i.e. 1 2 3 etc

[edit] Tweak F: Lock screen & Low Power Screen (LPS) MODs

Read the Explanation after the options for better understanding on how to change the files

1. Apply BIGGER Date/Bold Clock and Oplogo with standard size (12x12)

For Oplogo:
* Create a picture named "oplogo.png" with dimensions of 120x120px
* Copy the image to /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures
* Apply Tweak F-1 and REFRESH for application

2. Apply CUSTOM Clock/Date Color and Oplogo with CUSTOM size

For Oplogo:
* Create a picture named "oplogo.png" with dimensions of your choice
* Copy the image to /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures
* Apply Tweak F-2 and it will ask for the dimensions of your logo. For example, a 140x160px logo key in 14 as the first number and 16 as the second number.
* A REFRESH will apply the changes

3. Apply CUSTOM Clock/Date on Lock & Lowpower Screens

4. Apply Green Icon for Fully Charged Battery

5. Apply Other Colored Icons to LPS & Statusbard

6. Transfer your custom Icons for Tweak F-5

* Create new icons and place them in /home/user/MyDocs/.newicons
* Apply Tweak F-6 (this will override icons in tweak F-5)
* Now Apply Tweak F-5
* A REBOOT will apply the changes

7. Activate Fullscreen Image for Lockscreen

* Create 1 or 7 pictures named mywall1.png, mwall2.png, mywall3.png, mywall4.png, mywall5.png with dimensions of 854x854px
* Copy the images to /home/user/MyDocs/.wallpapers
* Go to Settings->Wallpaper and choose your wallpaper before clicking Done
* Apply Tweak F-7 and choose the number of picture(s) that you applied from Settings. 
* Changes appear immediately without a REBOOT!
Wallpaper auto-changer: This option would ask for your root password and the time (in seconds) for an auto-change in wallpaper. As above, copy your wallpapers to /home/user/.wallpapers/ before running this option. A desktop icon as well as the ability to run this tweak at start-up are also possible when running this option. Updating N9QTweak will not cause a problem for this option as your root password and the time is copied over to the new version.
You may also run the wallpaper auto-changer with the use of Profilematic instead of the above option. Simply copy your wallpapers to /home/user/.wallpapers/ and set an idle time i.e. the time between wallpapers being changed in Profilematic and copy the following command in the "Custom action" dialog box:
sh-c "echo rootme | devel-su -c 'sh /opt/N9QTweak/Autowall/auto-wall2.sh'"
Replace rootme above with your actual root password

8. Change Outgoing & Incoming Call Icons

9. Remove Clock/Date from Lockscreen

10. Restore ALL to Default

[edit] Tweak G: Changing GPS Provider / Adding Traffic to the Drive App

1. Changing GPS provider gives you the option to choose between Nokia & Google.

SuplForced can be changed from "false" to "true" and vice-versa with this tweak too.

2. Enable/Disable Traffic in Drive App allows you to Enable/Disable Traffic + Day/Night/Automatic Mode for Map Colours + Time to Destination in Drive App + Add Mute Button to Speed Warning Menu. This tweak requires a CLEAN Backup! When there is an update for this tweak, just re-apply the tweak for new changes to take effect.

3. Change Drive to WAZE: Change Drive in In Car Home Screen to WAZE.

[edit] Tweak H: Enable ROOT-SSH Access & Root Filebox

1. Enable ROOT-SSH Access

2. ROOT for Filebox & FileCase

3. ROOT for Text Editors: Add/Remove ROOT access for KHTSimpleText, Redak or TxPad.

4. HTTP Share: Access your system files via a web browser when running this tweak.

5. Change password for ROOT & USER users

[edit] Tweak I: Add additional IM's (Extraplugins from Store)

This tweak adds additional IM providers [including but not limited to ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AOL/Jabber/VK] to the N9's Accounts app with system integration.

A REBOOT is required to apply this tweak!

If you have applied this tweak from versions prior to N9QTweak v8.0 you need to do the following in terminal as ROOT:

apt-get remove im-providers-additional telepathy-haze libpurple0


From Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Remove im-providers-additional , telepathy-haze & libpurple0

If you installed a similar tweak from other sources, the following packages need to be REMOVED BEFORE applying this tweak:


You may also use this Tweak to Change/Restore IM Connection Ports!

[edit] Tweak J: Remove/Restore Unnecessary Icons

This tweak allows you to remove/restore but NOT uninstall. Apps that are covered in this tweak are:

  1. All of the Below
  2. Facebook
  3. User Guide
  4. Twitter
  5. Ovi Music
  6. Search
  7. Camera
  8. Calculator
  9. Track & Protect
  10. Browser
  11. Skype
  12. YouTube
  13. SDK Connectivity
  14. Operator

You can remove more than one app by entering multiple numbers with a space between them [E.g. 2 4 6 then ENTER].

[edit] Tweak L: Clean Backup

This tweak downloads a clean backup for the user and saves it as /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/

Run this tweak when you suspect your backup has an issue or when you forgot to create a backup first and need to restore anything.

[edit] Tweak M: Browser MODs

1. Opera tablet: Add Opera tablet UI to your Opera Mobile app

2. Change User Agent of the Stock Browser [aka Web]: This tweak requires INCEPTION to be pre-installed. Available options for the User Agent are as follows:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Desktop
  4. Revert to Default
  5. Add/Remove UA Changer Icon to Homescreen

[edit] Tweak N: Restore your favorite Ringtones

Put your desired ringtones in /home/user/MyDocs/.myringtones

Now apply tweak N after which all these ringtones will be copied to /usr/share/sounds/ring-tones

After this you can change your ringtones in Settings -> Sounds and Vibration -> Ringtone

[edit] Tweak O: Catch OVI Store Applications

Store a .deb file of your apps for easy installation in the future [e.g. after flashing / clearing device].

Run this tweak -> Open Ovi Store and Click Download on the App which you would like to store

Once the app is caught, a message will be displayed in N9QTweak to show a successful interception. Your downloaded file is stored in your "Downloads" folder e.g. /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/

This tweak comes with a handy option [Option No. 2] to add an icon to the homescreen for easy catching.

This tweak works on MeeCatalog and any other sources that install apps on the N9!

Lastly, this tweak allows the ability to add/remove Auto-Catch [Option 3] which would automatically save the installed packages but the packages need to be renamed manually to contain a .deb extension.

[edit] Tweak P: Add/Remove folder to/from Tracker

The advantage of this tweak is to allow you to add or remove folders residing in MyDocs from Tracker IgnoredDirectory [e.g. you have some explicit material not wanting to appear in gallery or videos but to be opened only by Filebox just put it into a folder and add it to Tracker IgnoredDirectory].

You can backup your settings too so the new tracker settings will be restored if/when you require.

[edit] Tweak Q: Enlarge Caller ID Avatar

Enlarge or Restore to Default the Caller ID Avatar.

A Bigger Avatar with square corners can be applied too.

This Tweak requires a REBOOT.

[edit] Tweak R: Conversation MOD

1. Change Standard Emoticons: A New set of emoticons for your viewing pleasure. You also can enlarge original/custom emoticons (ideal size is 27). The enlargement of emoticons requires Inception to be installed prior to using this tweak.

2. Enlarge/Restore Conversation Font Size: Choose your prefer size. DON'T use bigger then 32.

3. BLACK Conversations theme with Square Bubbles: Option to install a minimalistic black theme for Conversation/Messaging app.

4. BLACK Conversations them with Rounded Bubbles: Option to install a minimalistic black theme for Conversation/Messaging app.

5. Restore ALL to Default

[edit] Tweak S: Boost the Playback Volume

Increase the Playback Volume from 66% [default] to 100%.

Warning: This can potentially damage your hardware. The author will not be held responsible for any damage done. Use with caution.

This tweak will change PreDriv setting in "alsamixer" with this tweak.

[edit] Tweak T: System UI MODs

Two versions of System UI MODs are created by MohammadAG and Coderus.

Only ONE can be used at a time. NO Mixing should be done!!!

[edit] 1. Unrestricted MT-Toggles: Open Mode or Inception along with N9 PR1.3 is compulsory

    Two options are available under this main option:
    1. Coderus toggles: You CAN'T use MohammadAG repo for future updates.
    2. MohammadAG toggles: You CAN use MohammadAG repo for future updates.

Features of BOTH the above toggles:

- Latest Version of Unrestricted System-ui [From MAG]

- Music Controls by MAG: Auto-Hidden; ONLY seen when you play music

- Status Updater by MAG

- Battery Percentage by MAG

- Availability or PresenceX by Coderus

- Hacky-Brightness Applet by Coderus

Toggles in Coderus' Version:

- Bluetooth


- Flightmode

- Flashlight

- Cellular-toggle

Toggles in MAG's version:

- Bluetooth


- Flightmode

- Flashlight

- Orientation Lock

There is a possibility of getting a SAFE MODE icon on your status menu after a reboot. DON'T PANIC!!!

Just click the icon and choose "YES" which will do a refresh of your status bar and everything will work fine again.

The above non-fatal issue is caused by Status Updater. You might want to Uninstall it to prevent the non-fatal issue.

[edit] Important Notes w.r.t. MT-Toggles & System UI Extensions

Installation of Unrestricted System-UI and/or MT-Toggles is NOT COMPATIBLE with System UI Extensions.

To use either while having the other installed, just uninstall the other using the options available.

[edit] Sub-Options

1. Password changer for HackyBrightness applet:

At times after a reboot, HackyBrightness will not work with only Standard Brightness applet working. Fix this by running this tweak and re-inserting your "ROOT" password.

2. Rearrange status menu plugins:

Installation of System UI MODs will mess up the arrangement of all applets.

This option arranges all your INSTALLED APPLETS ONLY.

Names of applets must follow as those in the list!

If you require to re-arrange ALL APPLETS do it manuall in this file: /etc/status-menu-items-order.conf

3. Logout quick status updater:

When Quick Status Updater stops working, use this tweak to logout and re-login.

[edit] 2. Status Menu Extensions

This tweak is still in BETA so tread with caution!

Pre-requisites for using System UI Extensions:

- Removal of Unrestricted System-UI & MT-Toggles, if present

This tweak will add a new entry in Settings -> Applications -> Status Menu Extensions

You can Deactivate any toggle by LONG PRESSING.

Re-arrange toggles by using a SHORT PRESS.

[edit] 3. CODeRUS Unrestricted System UI

A new variation of system-ui similar to unrestricted system-ui but inclusive of all applets from CODeRUS and Status Updater + Music Controls from MAG

Pre-requisites for this tweak:


- Removal of all previous versions of System UI from CODeRUS

[edit] Tweak T-3-1

Continue to install CODeRUS Unrestricted System-UI

Option 0: INSTALL CODeRUS System UI

By Default, battery percentage will be placed into the status bar after installing of the system-ui. If you want only the % without the battery icon install Battery percentage from Option 6

Option 1: ALL Applets

This option will install Tools, Widgets, Brightness bar, Availability Icons, Music Controls, Quick Status Updater and LED Event Notifier. If you are using Open Mode method, there is a probability of N9QTweak being forced closed by the system after installation of a few of the applets. Hence, in this case continue installation of the remaining applets manually or as recommended install the applets individually from Options 2-10 instead of choosing this Option.

Option 2: Tools
System Tools are installed. These tools/toggles consist of: Bluetooth, NFC, Cellular, WiFi, Background Connections, Flight Mode

Option 3: Widgets
System Widgets are installed. These widgets/toggles include: 2G/3G/Dual Toggle, Orientation, Brightness, USB, PowerSave Mode, Transfers, Flashlight, Blanking, Presence, Reboot, Alarms, ALS.
You can enable or disable these widgets using GConfik. 
Navigate to /desktop/meego/status_menu/widgets/ to do so. Remember to set/unset each applet for changes to apply.

Option 4: Brightness
This adds a brightness bar on the status-menu. The brightness bar is a two type bar whereby the regular brightness can be adjusted or long-pressing it will switch it to "hacky" allowing you to adjust the brightness customly. You can choose your own colour for the bar by using GConfik. Navigate to /desktop/meego/status_menu/brightness_slider and choose your own RGB values. For a full list of colours and their RGB values refer to their chart
You can also use Tweak T-3-3 to do the colour change.

Option 5: Availability
The Availability option in the status menu will be replaced by this option consisting of all your Social services appearing as icons for easy switching between online/offline by tapping the toggle.

Option 6: Battery Percentage
Remove your battery icon and keep only the percentage on the status bar with this option

Option 7: Notifications
Get notifications on your status menu directly. A "Close" button is added for clearing all notifications. The status menu will be scrollable in the event of the notifications extending out of the screen.

Option 8: Music Control
Add Music Controls to the status menu which appear only if music is being played and hide otherwise.

Option 9: Quick-Status-Updater
Add Facebook and Twitter Status buttons on the status menu for quick updating of status.

Option 10: LED Event Notifier
Convert the LED light on the N9 to blink in the event of any notifications like IMs, Messages, Missed Calls, Emails, Wazapp etc. You can control which notification(s) you want from: Settings-> Notifications -> Notifications -> Led notifications -> Settings

[edit] Tweak T-3-2: Menu Changer

Use This Tweak only AFTER installation of Tweak T-3-1 to select the type of your status menu.

Option 1: Standard Menu
The whole status menu is static with NO notifications and NO close button.
Re-arrange your applets after choosing this option by editing, using a text editor like nano, /home/user/.status-menu/items-order.conf
For exact names of applets refer to /usr/share/meegotouch/applicationextensions

Option 2: Menu With Notifications & Close Button
Top of the status menu will remain static while the bottom becomes dynamic.
Re-arrange your applets after choosing this option by editing, using a text editor like nano, /home/user/.status-menu/top-order.conf and /home/user/.status-menu/pannable-order.conf
For exact names of applets refer to /usr/share/meegotouch/applicationextensions

NOTE: Use This Tweak only AFTER installation of Tweak T-3-1

[edit] Tweak T-3-3: Change Brightness Colour

Use this option to modify the RGB values of the colour of the brightness bar to achieve your own custom colour. For a full list of colours and their RGB values refer to thier chart.

[edit] Tweak T-3-4: Change Hacky-Brightness Colour

Use this option to modify the RGB values of the colour of the hacky-brightness bar to achieve your own custom colour. For a full list of colours and their RGB values refer to their chart.

[edit] Tweak T-3-5: Move Notifications Up/Down


[edit] Tweak T-3-6: Double tap on Low-Power Screen
Option 1: Double Tap Cancelled
Disable Double-Tapping

Option 2: Double Tap to see Lockscreen [DEFAULT]
This is the system's default behaviour

Option 3: Double Tap to UNLOCK Phone
Jump straight to your phone without having to unlock the lockscreen!

NOTE: Use This Tweak only AFTER installation of Tweak T-3-1

[edit] Tweak T-3-7: Operator Name

Hide/Restore Operator Name

[edit] Tweak T-3-8: Logout from Quick Status Updater


[edit] Minor issues with Tweak T-3


Alarm works with delay or when it sounds the controls don't appear and auto-snooze after 30seconds of alarm sounding


Set a test alarm with your lockscreen unlocked. Once it rings, it will auto-snooze after ringing for 30seconds. Now set a new alarm for the time you need it to sound. This work-around must be repeated at EVERY reboot!


Music player opens with a delay of around 25 seconds. 


Disable the Orientation toggle in Widgets.


There is long delay for the Authroization window to appear using the Status Updater. There is no current work-around for this bug

[edit] Tweak U: Zoom in Video Recording & Silent Sounds

1. Add/remove zoom option in Video Recording mode.

2. Add/restore silent sounds to Photo & Video Camera.

3. Restore to Default

This Tweak Requires a REBOOT.

[edit] Tweak W: Homescreen Setting

[edit] Tweak W 1-4: Change/Restore your desktop backgrounds

  Note: Tweak W is not compatible with Home Screen Settings App!!!

Tweak W->1: Apply SAME Backgrounds to all 3 screens in Portrait & Landscape

Method for using 2 images; (one for landscape and one for portrait):

- Create 2 pictures named "Pdeskbg1.png" of 480x854px dimensions & "Ldeskbg1.png" of 854x480px dimensions

  [Pdeskbg1.png would represent the portrait image while Ldeskbg1.png would represent the landscape image]

- Put the above images in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/

- In N9QTweak choose option W->1 [now hit Enter]

- A REBOOT is required for changes to take effect

- You can also use this tweak only in portrait mode by placing just Pdeskbg1.png in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/

Tweak W->2: Apply DIFFERENT backgrounds to all 3 screens in Portrait and Landscape

Method to achieve the above:

- Create 6 images as follows:

 Pdeskbg1.png with 480x854px dimensions
 Pdeskbg2.png with 480x854px dimensions
 Pdeskbg3.png with 480x854px dimensions
 Ldeskbg1.png with 854x480px dimensions
 Ldeskbg2.png with 854x480px dimensions
 Ldeskbg3.png with 854x480px dimensions

- Put the above images in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/

- In N9QTweak choose option W->2 [now hit Enter]

- A REBOOT is required for changes to take effect

- You can also use this tweak only in portrait mode by placing just Pdeskbg1.png, Pdeskbg2.png and Pdeskbg3.png in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds

Tweaks W->3 & W->4 are simply the repeat of W->1 & W->2 without Long & Transparent Notification Bar

[edit] Tweak W 5: Only Long & Transparent Notification Bar

This option changes the notification bar on your lockscreen to a transparent one!

[edit] Tweak W 6: Folder Pop-up Window MODs

3 options:

1. Transparent pop-up window: Not totally transparent but more translucent

2. Image in pop-up window: Your own custom image in the pop-up window

3. Transparent & image in pop-up window: Your own custom image with a transparent background

For Custom Image do the following:

 - Create folder-bg.png in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/ 
 - Apply the tweak and REBOOT

4. Enlarge pop-up window: Enter ONLY numbers if you wish to deviate from default size. Pressing ONLY the Enter key will revert to default size.

5. Restore to Default

[edit] Tweak W 7: Feed-Notification-Multitasking MOD

1. Orange & Blue colors for Feed-Notification

2. Manually Change Colors for Feed-Notification

3. Feed-Notification-Multitasking Name Changer

Here you can change words “Feeds”, “Notifications” and “Nothing open yet”.

Also you can change the size/color of “Nothing open yet”.

For using this tweak, you need to edit 2 files. Go to: /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/usr/share/l10n/meegotouch and find your files.

At the end of this files you can see 2 letters, that indicate your system language.

For example if my phone in English system language, I would require:


Conversely, if my system language was French, I would require home_fr.qm and notification_fr.qm and so on for your system's language.

Transfer these 2 files to your PC and edit with QTLinguist as follows:

In home_XX.qm: edit lines qtn_home_recents_empty and qtn_home_events_feed_title
In notification_XX.qm: edit line qtn_noti_title

Transfer these files back to your phone, to: /home/user/MyDocs/.notifername and apply tweak W, option 7.

You can edit these files whenever you want and then just reapply this tweak again!

4. Restore ALL to Default

A REFRESH is need for application of the tweak.

[edit] Tweak W 8: Launcher Indicator & Icon Changer

Choose a Spinner or Progress indicator while waiting for apps to launch!

You can also change your Desktop Icons as follows:

Put your custom icons in /home/user/MyDocs/.launchericons/ according to the following folders:

64x64 – for icons located in: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps (refresh needed)
80x80 - for icons located in: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/80x80/apps (refresh needed)
Icons - for icons located in: /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/icons (reboot needed)
opt - for icons located in: /opt/your_app/find_your/icon – in this folder you need to create a full path to the icon of your application !!! (refresh needed)

If you are not sure where the desktop icon located, you can check it in: /usr/share/applications/NAME_OF_APP.desktop

The folder named original includes the same folders for backup of your original icons if you want. This tweak will NOT create a backup, you need to do a backup manually.

Also in folder opt - you need to create a full path to the icon of your application !!!

In this thread you can find a some nice icons.

The following command is useful if you wat to replace your icon without REFRESHING your homescren which in turn closes all open apps:


sed -i 's/Icon/Icon2/;s/Icon2/Icon/g' /usr/share/applications/*.desktop

All icons on the homesceen will be refreshed WITHOUT closing any apps! Some intermittent lag of a few seconds is to be expected to allow the system to cope with the changes!

[edit] Tweak W 9: Statusbar Background Changer

A custom image for the Statusbar. Currently, transparent images DO NOT have the required effect.

Method to achieve desired result:

- Create Pstatus.png with 480x36px dimensions and Lstatus.png with 854x36px dimensions in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/
- Apply the tweak

Pstatus.png is for portrait statusbar while Lstatus.png is for landscape. Pstatus.png is sufficient if statusbar is being used ONLY in potrait mode.,bvmvhgjhfcgvj,kbkjgv jm,gv mjbn ,jb n

[edit] Tweak W 10: Restore ONLY Homescreen Backgrounds

This will restore only your homescreen backgrounds and keep other tweaks from Twaek W intact.

[edit] Tweak W 11: Homescreen Backgrounds Auto-Changer

This tweak is similar to Wallpaper Auto-Changer with the ability to change homescreen & status bar backgrounds in addition to changing the wallpaper all WITHOUT the need to do a reboot!

Initially, create theme folders in /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/themes/ with the name backgroundXX whereby XX= 01, 02 or 03 ONLY! Therefore, the final folder should be /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/themes/background01 or 02, 03.

background01 will only change homescreen images, background02 will change homescreen images in addition to status bar while background03 will allow for separate images for each homescreen. All 3 options allow for the wallpaper to be changed too. Read the following for each of their instructions:

For /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/themes/background01, place 2 homescreen images named Pdeskbg1.png and Ldeskbg1.png which would be the portrait and landscape images respectively. 

You have an option to add a wallpaper named Auto-wall.png too if you want to change the wallpaper. The tweak will auto-detect the presence of the wallpaper.

For /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/themes/background01, place 2 homescreen images named Pdeskbg1.png and Ldeskbg1.png which would be the portrait and landscape images respectively. Also place status bar images Pstatus.png & Lstatus.png. 

You have an option to add a wallpaper named Auto-wall.png too if you want to change the wallpaper. The tweak will auto-detect the presence of the wallpaper.

For /home/user/MyDocs/Pictures/.backgrounds/themes/background01, place 6 homescreen images named Pdeskbg1.png, Pdeskbg2.png, Pdeskbg3.png, Ldeskbg1.png, Ldeskbg2.png and Ldeskgbg3.png which would be the portrait and landscape images respectively. 

You have an option to add a wallpaper named Auto-wall.png too if you want to change the wallpaper. The tweak will auto-detect the presence of the wallpaper.

The options to apply the above from the tweak are:

1. Desktop icon with auto-changer: This adds a desktop icon as well as asks for the time in seconds you would want the images to be changed automatically.

2. Desktop icon with manual changer: This adds a desktop icon for you to change the images manually.

3. Only start-up auto-changer

4. Only change time: Allows you to change the time between images being changed.

5. Remove ALL

[edit] Tweak X: Create a .DEB file from an existing installed app

1. Create a .DEB package: Selecting this option will take you to a menu where you can choose from the following:

A: Backup All User Packages - Selecting this will back up ALL the packages on your system since you last flashed your phone!

O: Backup a Orig Package - This option allows you to backup a single system package

U: Backup a User Package - This option allows you to backup any apps that came pre-loaded in your device or any app that you installed from Store, Apps4Meego, MeeCatalog or any other source including non-trusted sources

ALL backed up .DEBs are stored in /home/user/MyDocs/BackDeb/

NOTE: You need to enter the exact package name of an app for the above to work! You can get the package name by doing the following in terminal as ROOT:

dpkg -l | grep APP_NAME

2. Install ALL Backed-up apps: This will restore all apps that you backed-up in /home/user/MyDocs/BackDeb/ using the above options

3. Uninstall Package Creator: This option uninstalls the creator used to run options 1 and 2 above! Run this only when you don't intend to use Tweak X-1 & Tweak X-2 any further!

[edit] Tweak Y: Customize the Statusbar Clock & Clock UI

1. Customize Clock UI: 11 options available for custom Clock UI

2. Customize Alarm UI: Enlarge Alarm UI with this Tweak.

3. Customize Statusbar Clock: Options to change your statusbar clock to HH:MM | DAY DATE OR HH:MM AM/PM | DAY DATE OR a custom string. Refer to [1] for custom string details.

4. Hide Operator Name: Hide/Restore Operator Name from the Statusbar. Note: This Tweak will remove Tweak T's Battery Percentage too

5. Change Color of Operator Name: Self-Explanatory!

6. Change Color of Statusbar Clock/Date

7. Cyclotron: Allows you to swipe on the status bar for switching between opened windows instead of swiping to the multi-task view. This tweak requires INCEPTION or Open Mode.

To use this tweak first do the following:

  1. Download libmeegotouchviews0_0.25.10-1+0m8_armel.deb, qt-components_1.3~git20120215-1+0m8_armel.deb, qt-components-single_1.3~git20120215-2+0m8_armel.deb & cyclotron_1.0.0_armel.deb
  2. Place the 4 .debs downloaded above into /home/user/MyDocs/Cyclotron
  3. Now run either the Inception or Open Mode installers in the tweak
  4. Reboot your device at the end of installation for it to take effect.

NOTE: Cyclotron isn't included in Tweak Z, Tweak RR or the RESTORE file! You need to uninstall it from Tweak Y-7 even if you used Tweak Z or restored all other tweaks.

[edit] Tweak AA: Uninstall Original Apps [UNDER TESTING]

ONLY to be used by PRO/ADVANCED Users!!!

Under Testing currently, will replace Tweak QQ in the future.

If tweak QQ has been used before, restore all apps back by using Tweak QQ-4.

If further apps were uninstalled not in Tweak QQ restore them before restoring using QQ-4.

To use Tweak AA, you need to choose whether you are running mp-harmattan-001-pr or mp-harmattan-005-pr.

When removing apps, MAKE SURE the mp-harmattan-001/005-pr package is NOT being removed too! This will break your system otherwise!

A typical Twitter uninstallation should look like:

The following packages will be REMOVED


0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 8 to remove and 0 not upgraded

Again, ENSURE there is NO mp-harmattan-001/005-pr package to be removed too.

If you see the mp-harmattan package being removed too, cancel the removal, restore all apps using this tweak along with a re-installation of mp-harmattan before trying to uninstall an app again.

[edit] Tweak BB: Display Tweaker

1. Enable/Disable automatic brightness – You can enable or disable automatic brightness. You also have option for tuning of brightness (from 0 to 225), you can use this after disabling auto-brightness.

WARNING: DON’T put this string to "0", this will switch off your screen!!!

2. Display timeout – You can change which timeout you want in Settings > Device > Display

3. Screen blanking ON/OFF - Enable or disable if screen will go to sleep mode (blanking)

[edit] Tweak CC: WLAN MODs

Activate/Deactivate Adhoc at startup for USA users as well as allowing you to change the WLAN MAC address.

[edit] Tweak DD: Resize Icon and Text on App Launcher

1. X-small preset: 6 icons in one row

2. Small preset: 5 icons in one row

3. Large preset: 3 icons in one row

4. Change icon text size and color

5. Change icon size separately

6. Reduce the spacing between icons: 5 icons in one row with icon size only slightly reduce due to the spacing between icons covering for the difference! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

7. Reset to Default

This Tweak requires a REFRESH to be applied correctly!

[edit] Tweak EE: INCEPTION Installer

1. Install Inception

2. Install aegisctl

[edit] Tweak FF: N9 QRefresh & N9QT Splash Images

Either one of two refresh options can be added to your Homescreen:

F for Full Refresh - This is full refresh encompassing the statusbar, lockscreen and homescreen.

S for Soft Refresh - This simply refreshes the statusbar and lockscreen.

B for Restart BME - This option restarts the battery monitor which is useful when sufferring a sudden battery drop from ~20% to ~4%. A restart of BME will re-calibrate the battery level of the system to a more accurate value.

Another option in the tweak is to Change the Splash Image of N9QTweak. You can choose a few different colours to do so.

[edit] Tweak GG: Change Boot Video & Startup Images

This tweak consists of two parts; changing boot video and/or the startup images.

For Boot Video: Create a short video with the name bootvideo.mp4 and place it in /home/user/MyDocs/Movies/.Bootvideo If the directory isn't present just create it first!

To apply your new Boot Video choose option 1 from the tweak.

For startup images you need to create 3 images with the following names:


Take note of the extension difference between images 1 and 2&3. Place these startup images in /home/user/MyDocs/Movies/.Bootvideo and choose option 2 from tweak to apply.

For sample boot videos you can download some from Schturman's dropbox

[edit] Tweak HH: Fix MMS Issue on T-Mobile [USA Users]

This tweak will fix the MMS issue for T-Mobile USA Users.

[edit] Tweak II: Add/Remove Extra Repos

It is advisable to know what you are doing before using this tweak!

The following repos are available for installation:

1) RZR Community Repository

2) Harmattan SDK Repository

3) N9 Repository for N950 users

4) Supertux2 Repository

5) Harmattan Inception Enabled Repository (aka MAG's incepted repo)

6) Remove extra repos

[edit] Tweak JJ: Change Behaviour of PowerKey

You have the ability to change the behaviour of the PowerKey for both single and double press.

[edit] Tweak KK: Files Tweaker

1. Add Twitter Sharing: Add options for sharing videos via Twitter

2. Add Faster Unzip/Unrar/Untar: Immediately Unzip/Unrar/Untar downloaded files from Transfers menu. Find extracted files in /home/user/MyDocs/meerar/NAME_OF_YOUR_ARCHIVE

3. Add Custom File Size for Email Attachments: Change the attachment size limit from the default 5MB. Just enter the value to change to i.e 10 for 10MB

4. Change Default Photo/Video file name: Allows you to tinker the default format of photo/video file name from YYMM to your desired option! (Inception or open mode required)

5. Add Haptic Feedback to Calculator: This will give you a nice touch while using the calculator!

6. Remove Album art from Gallery: This option will remove all the album art you have from Gallery by hiding them. For this option to work, all your Music needs to be located in /home/user/MyDocs/Music/

7. Smartsearch Priority Changer: This option lowers the priority of Smartsearch to help improve battery life.

NOTE: Using this option may cause Search to not find the results you need as well as not allow you to choose custom ringtones from within the Settings applet. You can still select a song and set it as ringtone. You just can't do it from within Settings!

8. Scaling Frequency Changer: By Default, idle clock speed of the CPU is 300Mhz. This tweak allows you to change it to give a slight speed boost while waking the phone from idle state. Battery life obviously may be affected slightly.

9. Restore ALL to Default

[edit] Tweak LL: Lockscreen & Live Clock Icons

Two options:

- Replace default Clock icon with a Live Clock

- Install Lockscreen app

[edit] Tweak MM: ProfileMatic rules Backup & Restore

Backup or Restore your rules from ProfileMatic. A REBOOT is needed after every restore!

[edit] Tweak NN: Contacts/SMS Importer

[edit] 1. Import/Export Contacts

This tweak is only for English, Russian & Spanish Language Settings!

You must export your contacts from the contacts app in the following way first:

- Open Contacts App

- Click on the menu at bottom-right hand corner

- Click Export Contacts

- Choose "File" as the option

All your Contacts are now stored in /home/user/MyDocs/Contacts

When you run this tweak, it will convert all those Contacts into one file named "N9QTallcontacts.vcf"

After running this tweak navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/Contacts using Filebox and you will see the file named "N9QTallcontacts.vcf". Click on it and click on Import hence all Contacts are imported to your device as and when you require (e.g. after a reflash)!

[edit] 2. Import/Export SMS

Option 1. Export ALL SMS to ONE file: Running this option will create a file named "smsbackup_DD-MM-YYYY_HHMMSS.sms in /home/user/MyDocs/.smsbackup/

Option 2. Import ALL SMS to conversations: This option will import your messages (SMS+IM) into conversations. Before running this option, navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/.smsbackup/ and rename the file you want to restore to smsbackup.sms Once done renaming, you may run this option! Do note that Restored IMs are available for reading only with new IMs from the same user creating a new conversation!

Option 3. Split your Messages: This option will split all your back-ed up .sms files located in /home/user/MyDocs/.smsbackup into /home/user/MyDocs/.smsbackup/sms-backup-repo into individual conversations. This allows you to delete conversations with a particular contact before restoring the other SMSes and IMs. IMs are indicated with a contact's name or IM name in the file name while SMSes are indicated with only the telephone number in the file name!

Option 4. Import Filtered Messages: This option restores the messages split in Option 3 above! All files in /home/user/MyDocs/.smsbackup/sms-backup-repo/ will be merged into one file named filtered.sms which will be restored into your Conversations app! Run this option only after running Option 3 (Tweak NN-2-3)!

[edit] Tweak OO: Lock your Favorite Apps

Gallery, Videos, Mail & Messages are the ONLY apps that can be locked using this tweak. A REFRESH is required for the tweak to be applied!

Note: The Lock will NOT work if Mail or SMS or IM is opened from the lockscreen or notification screen!

Options are as follows:

1) Lock App: Change DEFAULT Password and LOCK your App.

2) Unlock App: UNLOCK your App either singly or ALL of them

3) Remove LockApp and Restore to Default: UNLOCKS ALL YOUR APPS and removes LockApp from your device

4) Fix Problem with Duplicated Icons: If you have duplicated icons this will fix things up BUT YOUR HOMESCREEN ICONS ORDER WILL BE RESETTED!!!

[edit] Tweak PP: ONE Click Applications Remover

This tweak UNINSTALLS all apps located in the folder chosen from the following list:

1. /home/user/MyDocs/.downloads
2. /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads
3. /home/user/MyDocs/Programs

[edit] Tweak QQ: Uninstall ORIGINAL Apps [Advanced Users Only]


Choose your mp-harmattan package; 001 or 005.

System Packages will be UNLOCKED with this tweak and you can INSTALL/UNINSTALL them on demand.


NEVER proceed if the tweak says your SYSTEM PACKAGE IS LOCKED EVEN AFTER UNLOCKING! Thhis will KILL your system!

[edit] Tweak RR: Tweaked Phone Backup/Restore

This Tweak will create a backup of your tweaked phone in /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakedBackup/

This method is the fastest way to restore your tweaks and apps after a reflash etc. The restoration of apps is done by installing all the .deb files located in /home/user/MyDocs/BackDeb/All/

To prevent the restoration of apps or restoring apps from another location follow these steps:

To prevent restoration, delete all .deb files in /home/user/MyDocs/BackDeb/All/
To restore apps from another location, edit /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakedBackup/appinstaller.sh using your favourite text editor. Replace the line containing dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/BackDeb/All/* with the path to your desired location instead!

Note: If during the creation of the above backups, inception was not installed/active on your phone, install and active it FIRST before running the restore operation!

Note 2: Tweak T and its packages will NOT be backed up!

Note 3: Ensure you are connected to the Internet before running this tweak!

[edit] Tweak SS: Version Auto-Checker ON/OFF

Enable/Disable N9QTweak checking for a new version every time the app opens. This is enabled by default.

[edit] Tweak UU: N9QT Updater

This option will show you the current version of N9QTweak installed on your system and using your internet connection to check for any updated version available.

You can choose to see the changelog of the new version before accepting an upgrade.

This Tweak will not work if you installed N9QTweak from Appsformeego. It is recommended to uninstall N9QTweak if you have installed it from Appsformeego and to install it from the link in the first post of the thread!

[edit] Tweak K: Create BACKUP

Self-explanatory with a backup stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/

[edit] Tweak Z: Full RESTORE

ALL Tweaks will be restored but added option to allow you to choose whether to uninstall additional IM providers even with restoring all tweaks. This tweak will NOT restore Tweaks T-1 & T-3 (system-ui) and Tweak B-7 (Vesuri mod)! This tweak also gives you the option to restart or refresh your phone after the restore!

[edit] Tweak V: About & Credits


[edit] Uninstalling

Two ways:

1) Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> N9 QTweak -> Click Uninstall after choosing it

2) Long press N9QTweak icon on the homescreen and click the the "x" on the icon

Notes on Uninstallation:

- Even after uninstalling the app, Backup files will be stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/

- You can use the above backup files to restore your tweaks manually after uninstallation if you forgot to do it before

- If you want only a one time command to restore run the following as ROOT in terminal:

sh /home/user/MyDocs/.N9QTweakBackup/RESTORE

Do take note that this command does the following:

1) Restores all tweaks to default [except for Extraplugins Tweak I]

2) Deletes the folder .N9QTweakBackup from your phone

3) Refreshes home and locksreens

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] Known Issues in N9QTweak

The following issues may occur due to technical reasons:

  1. Tweak UU doesn't work if N9QTweak was installed from Appsformeego
  2. Tweak T results in music player taking around 25seconds to open
  3. Tweak T causes an alarm bug
  4. Permission denied appears whenever applying any tweak -> Uninstall N9QTweak and install from first post in the TMO thread. Most probably you had installed N9QTweak from Appsformeego
  5. Fruit Ninja in Tweak E-7 doesn't work for all people; try using different .apk files
  6. Tweak BB breaks the colour profile settings -> Try a reboot
  7. Billboard & Meecast don't work properly once Tweak F or Tweak W is applied -> Re-install Billboard after applying the tweaks!

[edit] Getting a Clean Backup

There are three methods to do so:

[edit] Method 1 [N9QTweak]:

1) Ensure you are connected to the internet

2) Run Tweak L from N9QTweak

3) The clean backup will be stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.N9TweakBackup

4) Just run a restore (tweak Z) from N9QTweak to apply it!

[edit] Method 2 [PC + USB Cable + N9]:

1) From the first post of the thread click on the link "my clean backup"

2) Download the file to your PC and extract from the ZIP archive

3) Connect the N9 to your PC using the USB cable via "Use as mass storage" mode

4) Copy the extracted folder from the zip archive ".N9QTweakBackup" to your phone

5) Now disconnect your phone and you can use the app to do a restore from the clean backup you just transferred to your phone

[edit] Method 3 [N9 Browser + Filebox]:

1) From the first post of the thread click on the link "my clean backup"

2) Save the file to your N9. If it says the format is wrong just click OK to SAVE.

3) Once Transfer is Completed, DON'T press Clear; instead click on Done.

4) Open Filebox app and navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/

5) Double click on file named: N9QTweakBackup_9.3.6_all.zip

6) Click "Extract Files" and press the UP ARROW ONCE to navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/

7) Click "Extract Here" and if prompted, click "Override all".

[edit] Installation Issues

[edit] Unable to use N9QTweak after Installation

1) Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installations -> N9 QTweak -> Uninstall. Reboot phone and try installing N9QTweak again.

2) If the above did not resolve the issue, UNINSTALL as above again. Open Filebox app as ROOT, navigate to /opt/ and delete the folder named "N9QTweak". Alternatively, you may delete the folder using Terminal too. Open Terminal -> devel-su -> ENTER_PASSWORD -> rm -rf /opt/N9QTweak/

3) Once the folder above is deleted, reboot and open Terminal and do the following:

ENTER_PASSWORD [default is rootme]
dpkg -i /path/to/installation/file/of/N9QTweak

[edit] Fixing Reboot Loop(s)

[edit] Mounting the N9 to a PC (Linux Users Only) [Fix MALF State]

WARNING: The below steps will put your phone into Open Mode!

Note: The instructions are valid on the N9 even though using N950 kernel

Note 2: The below instructions would work if you know which Tweak(s) you applied before facing the reboot loops

Note 3: For original files required in step 7 below copy it either from the Clean Backup or request for it in the N9QTweak thread

1. Download the following files from their links and save to /home/$USER/Downloads/ where $USER is your username on the PC

flasher (download 32/64-bit according to your system)

N950 kernel

N950 rescue initrd

2. Open terminal on your PC and type:

sudo su
{enter your password}
cd /home/$USER/Downloads
flasher --load -k vmlinuz- -n initrd.img-rescue- --boot

3. A message will pop-up saying Suitable Device/Phonenet not found...

4. After the above message appears, plug in your POWERED-OFF N9/50 to the PC. Make sure your phone is switched off beforehand; to be sure press the power button for 8 seconds to switch it off

5. Wait 1-3 minutes and your N9 should appear as 3 removable partitions on the system:

/dev/sdX1 which is MyDocs, /dev/sdX2 which is rootfs and /dev/sdX3 which is the home directory (userfs).

6. If the partitions are not mounted, you can check for their presence either by using GParted Partition Editor or typing the following in terminal:

fdisk -l

7. Now to fix the problem use the original file to replace the modified file in your rootfs partition (sdX2)

8. Once you are done, unmount the 3 partitions by clicking on eject on your system

9. Upon unmounting completing, plug out your phone from your PC and power it on; the issue should have been resolved now!

[edit] Removing Warranty Void Message after Fixing Reboot Loop

If you wish to remove the warranty void message that appears at every boot-up follow the below steps:

1. On your N9/50 do the following in terminal:

{enter password - default is rootme}
/bin/dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p2 of=/home/user/MyDocs/rootfs_backup.img
/bin/dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p3 of=/home/user/MyDocs/userfs_backup.img

The above steps will take quite some time so please be patient. At the end of the above you should get a 4GB rootfs_backup.img and a 2GB userfs_backup.img

2. Copy the rootfs_backup.img and userfs_backup.img from your device to your Linux PC. In these steps we presume to have copied the .img files to home/$USER/Downloads/ where $USER is the username of your PC

3. On your PC, download the stock firmware image for your device, save it to /home/$USER/Downloads with the name rootfs.bin. Take note, we DO NOT use the emmc.bin image!

4. Open terminal on your PC and type the following:

sudo su
{enter your password}
cd /home/$USER/Downloads
flasher -f -F rootfs.bin -R

5. Plug in your POWERED-OFF device once the Suitable Device/Phonenet not found message appears

6. Let the flash complete after which your phone will boot-up

7. Don't PANIC to see your data etc is missing and head to Settings->Security->Developer Mode->Install

8. After Developer Mode is intalled, your Device will reboot after which open terminal on your DEVICE and type:

disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode

9. Power off your device and on your PC type the following in the PC's terminal:

sudo su
{enter your password}
cd /home/$USER/Downloads
flasher --load -k vmlinuz- -n initrd.img-rescue- --boot

Plug in your POWERED-OFF DEVICE only when the "Suitable Device/Phonenet not found..." message appears!

The vmlinuz and initrd files required in the above are the same which were used in Fixing the Reboot Loop via Mounting on PC!

10. As per the fixing reboot loop step, you will get 3 partitions of the N9 appearing in your PC as follows:

/dev/sdX1 which is MyDocs, /dev/sdX2 which is rootfs and /dev/sdX3 which is the home directory (userfs).

11. Once the partitions are detected, we get your images mounted into them. So in terminal on your PC type:

sudo su
{enter your password}
cd /home/$USER/Downloads/
dd if=/home/$USER/Downloads/rootfs_backup.img of=/dev/sdX2
dd if=/home/$USER/Downloads/userfs_backup.img of=/dev/sdX3

The above will take some time to finish so be patient!

12. Once step 11 is finished, you can unmount the 3 partitions of your Device from your PC by clicking on the eject button on the explorer window on your PC.

13. After unmounting, plug out your Device from your PC and power it on; you'll see the warranty void message to have disappeared and all your data restored!

[edit] RD Mode

This method will attempt to boot up your N9 using RD mode allowing you to repair any tweaks that you may applied wrongly!

There is NO guarantee this method will fix your N9 but its highly probable that if you messed up tweaks for appearance, statusbar, system-ui etc this method should fix it up for you!

You will need flasher for this process!

1. On your PC run cmd.exe as administrator and type the following:

cd C:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher {change the path according to where you installed flasher}
flasher --enable-rd-mode --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset

2. Once a message appears saying "Suitable Device/Phonenet not found..." plug in your POWERED OFF Device to your PC

3. RD mode is enabled if a message on cmd.exe appears stating RD mode enabled. Now you may plug out your device from your PC and boot it up. A further sign of RD mode being enabled is the wrench icon you will find at boot-up as well as flashing Camera LEDs and flashing notification LEDs.

4. Once your system is booted up, replace the modified files with those from a clean backup or re-install the necessary system packages to fix the reboot loop.

5. Upon Completion, power off your device and disable rd mode by typing the following on your PC in cmd.exe which is run as administrator:

cd C:\Program Files\Nokia\Flasher {change the path according to where you installed flasher}
flasher --disable-rd-mode

6. Boot up your N9 after the above and the reboot loop should be resolved; if it still isn't you need to repeat the above steps and ensure you use a clean backup from the N9QTweak thread to restore all tweaks!

[edit] Changelog

[edit] Version 9.6.2 [11.02.13]

  1. PDF instruction updated.
  2. Added Tweak SS - Now you can enable/disable "version auto-checker".

[edit] Version 9.6.3 [18.02.13]

  1. PDF instruction - updated.
  2. RESTORE file - updated.
  3. Tweak B - small fix.
  4. Tweak GG - updated, added Boot video auto-changer
  5. Tweak F - updated option F-7-9, added Wallpapers auto-changer
  6. Tweak H - updated option 6. Icons updated (thanks to lorenzo). Just reapply this tweak.
  7. Tweak Z - updated.
  8. Tweak RR - updated.

[edit] Version 9.6.4 [15.03.13]

  1. PDF instruction - updated.
  2. RESTORE file - updated.
  3. Tweak Z - updated
  4. Tweak D - updated, added new vkb Efion_Sailfish (thanks to efion).
  5. N9 QRefresh button & Full refresh at the end of the script - updated. Now option F (full refresh) include commands for refresh some system processes. In some cases it will be enough, instead reboot your phone. Option M only for refresh homescreen.
  6. Tweak F - updated option F-7-9, just reapply it.
  7. Tweak GG - updated option GG-3-1, just reapply it.
  8. Tweak W - updated, added Background auto-chenger (see PDF instruction).
  9. Tweak E - updated option 7, added a few variations for installation of needed packages. Hope it will help for those who have problem with installation of needed packages.

[edit] Version 9.6.5. [20.03.13]

  1. PDF instruction - updated.
  2. RESTORE file - updated.
  3. Tweak Z - updated.
  4. Tweak RR - updated.
  5. Tweak H - renamed & updated, added to run FileBoxRoot & FileCaseRoot without password prompt, just reapply it. Also added option for Root access to text editors like KhtSimpleText, Redak & TxPad.

[edit] Version 9.6.6 [24.03.13]

  1. PDF instruction - updated.
  2. RESTORE file - updated.
  3. Tweak Z - updated.
  4. Tweak K - updated.
  5. Tweak RR - updated.
  6. Tweak O - updated, added option for auto-backup installed apps
  7. Tweak EE - updated, added option to install FasterN9 (stable or unstable).
  8. Tweak OO - updated, added Notes to lock.
  9. Tweak W - updated option W-11, added refresh command for Wazapp.
  10. N9 QRefresh button & Full refresh at the end of the script - updated,added refresh command for Wazapp.

IMPORTANT: Installation process will save your "notes" desktop file to clean backup.

[edit] Version 9.6.7 [25.03.13]

  1. PDF instruction - updated
  2. RESTORE file - updated
  3. Tweak Z - updated
  4. Tweak O - updated option 3, added option to create icon for quick on/off
  5. Tweak F - updated option F-7-9, just reapply it
  6. Tweak W - updated option W-11, just reapply it. Also added refresh command for RingingRestorer
  7. N9 QRefresh button & Full refresh at the end of the script - updated, added refresh command for RingingRestorer.

[edit] Credits for N9QTweak

Creator & Developer: Schturman

Thanks to the Following People [not in any particular order]:

Almehdi [2], hxka [3], Ammyt [4], 3llipsis [5], wook_sf [6], iidar_sh [7], leo1994 [8], Camerado [9], hooddy [10], superjunior [11], Jflatt [12], sony123 [13], colin.stephane [14], mbanck [15], F2thak [16], CODeRUS [17], Fenol [18], AJMAL P.M [19], eccenux [20], Arie [21], kuzmichov [22], r0mis [23], alxs_as-is [24], dvarlamoff [25], MohammadAG [26], Ancelad [27], cckwes [28], hungthai_pt [29], OSCho [30], Gnome [31], itsnotabigtruck [32], aegis [33], nikkirov [34], Craig_Mabbitt [35], HanzBlix [36], Iktwo [37], guillermorojaz [38], thedead1440 [39], Shayco, Niwakame [40], Rusnak-COBRA [41], Shaun, nba0nb [42], Crabstick [43], wellef [44], latency [45], flopjoke [46], farfary [47], wwwjfy [48], wolke [49], MFaroTusino [50], thp [51], Kozzi [52], dannejanne [53], Mariam [54]