N9 Hardware Main Camera

The N9 main camera features a dual flash LED, and other features outlined in http://thehandheldblog.com/2011/06/27/nokia-n9-camera/

f/2.2 aperture, an 8.7 megapixel sensor (4:3/16:9), with the 16:9 mode providing more width.

  • Carl Zeiss optics
  • f/2.2 aperture leading for very wide shots.
  • Continuous Video and still autofocus with face detection.
  • High power dual LED flash
  • AMBR – Automatic Motion Blur Reduction
  • 1.4um pixel pitch
  • Total sensor size 3552*2448
    • In 4:3 mode, 3248*2448
    • in 16:9 mode 3552*2000
      • 3552*2448 mode is not available in stock software, as the corners of the imager are not fully illuminated by the lens.
  • Field of view 65.5*46.4 degrees.
  • Focal length 3.7mm
  • Lens diameter 1.68mm
  • Angular resolution according to the airy disk 0.39 milliradians.

Above table from this thread on nokia conversations and wikipedias page on angle of view.

The lens forms an image diameter of 1.4um * sqrt(3248^2+2448^2)=5.7mm, which touches the corners of both 4:3 mode and 16:9 mode.

The lens has an F Ratio of F/2.2.