NITDroid Game Compatibility

NITDroid Game Compatibility


[edit] Broken games

Android Game NITDroid Version Status Problems
Worms Alpha 5 Doesn't work It tries to download something but doesn't succeed, also it miss judge connection to be 3G even when on WiFi. Ignoring the message results in a NaN and no progress occurs. Doesn't seem to be really NITDroid specific as there are many complaints about the game. It might be a problem with newer version of Android (from what I know connection state recognition changed in JellyBean).
Fruit Ninja Alpha 5 Clunky Sometimes it work, but mostly doesn't. It goes into "Loading Feint", you need to push back button and it kind of works, but only until you go to some other app.

[edit] Playable games

[edit] Car Racing

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Asphalt 5 Racing ANY NONE
Asphalt 6 Adrenaline 3.12 Motorola Milestone/Defy SD
GT Racing 3.18 Motorola/Samsung Galaxy S SD
Need For Speed Shift 1.0.63 NONE
Raging Thunder 2 ANY NONE
Reckless Racing ANY NONE
The Fast and Furious 5 1.03 Chainfire + HTC Bravo apk + HTC Desire HD SD

[edit] Sports

Android Game Version Special Requirements
3D Bowling 1.3 NONE
Backbreaker 1.41 NONE
Hockey Nations ANY NONE
Home-run Battle 3D 1.5.4 NONE
Lets Golf 2 HD ANY NONE
Maden NFL 2011 2138 Chainfire + Qualcomm plug-in
Magnetic Sports ANY NONE
PES 2011 1.0.1 NONE
Real Football 2010 ANY NONE
Real Football 2011 3.17 NONE
Super K.O. Boxing 2 ANY NONE
Tennis Slam ANY NONE
Trial X 1.6 NONE
Virtual Table-Tennis 3D 2.6.1 NONE

[edit] Adventure

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Angry Birds 1.53 market NONE
Angry Birds Rio ANY NONE
Assasins Creed 3D 1.04 NONE
Backstab HD 1.2.2 Samsung Galaxy Tab version
Crussade of Destinity ANY NONE
Dracula ANY NONE
Gangstar Miami Vindication 3.14 NONE
Gangstar West Coast Hustle 3.38 NONE
Guerrilla Bob 1.0.1 market NONE
Hero of Sparta ANY NONE
Mystique ANY NONE
Sacred Odyssey 1.03 Samsung Galaxy S version
Samurai II Vengeance 1 Chainfire + NVIDIA plug-in
Shadow Guardian 1.0.1 Chainfire + Qualcomm plug-in
Splinter Cell Conviction HD 3.2 NONE
Welcome To Hell ANY NONE

[edit] Arcade Shooter

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Brothers In Arms 2 3.08 NONE
Contract Killer 1.1.0 NONE
Modern Combat ANY NONE
Modern Combat 2 3.3 NONE
Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard 1.01 NONE
Toon Warz ANY NONE

[edit] Fight

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior 1.14.18 NONE
Iron Sight ANY NONE

[edit] RPG

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Dungeon Defenders ANY NONE
Dungeon Defenders Second Wave ANY NONE
Dungeon Hunter 2 HD ANY NONE
Eternal Legacy ANY NONE

[edit] Ships

Android Game Version Special Requirements
Galaxy On Fire 2 NVIDIA Chainfire + NVIDIA plug-in
Galaxy On Fire Adreno Chainfire + Qualcomm plug-in
Wave Blazer ANY NONE
Turbo Fly 3D ANY NONE
Jet Cars Stunt ANY NONE
Air Attack HD ANY NONE
Start Batallion ANY NONE
Armaggedon Squadron ANY NONE