Network settings

This article is a HOWTO for different network settings and general connectivity troubleshooting.


[edit] LAN

Maemo - device don't have ethernet port, but atleast with older tablets n800&N810 there is an option to use usb to ethernet adapters.

USB to ethernet networking is good article and should give you enough information. Note: the article is for Power users

[edit] WLAN

You can change basic WLAN settings and advanced settings includind transmitting power, power save settings et cetera. More specific instructions can be found in the operation manual.

[edit] Proxies

You can install a proxy of your own to Maemo. Or you can use existing proxy with a connection. Good instructions can be found from article Adding proxy server information for a connection

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] No connection

First thing is to double check all settings from APN name to protection settings and passwords.

From router side you should check that the router doesn't have MAC blocking on or add devices MAC-address to the override table.

[edit] Connection, still doesn't work

Certain WLAN - routers doesn't take kindly to mobile devices power saving modes. Power saving can be disabled from mobile device. The best solution for battery duration is naturally to change routers settings so that the mobile device works with power saving on.