Ogg Vorbis justification

This page is made to justify why Nokia should include Ogg Vorbis support by default on their maemo devices. Note however that 3rd party support for Ogg is easily available from the repositories for all current OS and devices.


[edit] Licensing

The file format and codec specifications and implementations are freely available:

[edit] Interoperability

[edit] Online content and services using Ogg Vorbis

[edit] Third party software and hardware

Too many to list here, but see (not entirely up to date):

  • Portable consumer devices with Ogg Vorbis support.
  • Static consumer devices with Ogg Vorbis support.
  • Software players for other platforms.

Firefox 3.5 and later includes Vorbis (and Theora) support integrated with the browser.

[edit] Competing devices with Ogg Vorbis support out of the box

See above. It's not clear what Nokia may consider as competing devices, but notable examples include:

[edit] Good will

  • Ogg Vorbis support is the oldest open enhancement request on the Maemo bugzilla, as well as the one with the largest number of votes (over three times as many as the next one as of 2008-12-22).