Ovi Store publishing

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The statement above (No commercial applications allowed) is outdated. Ovi Store does accept commercial applications for Maemo (N900)

The official place to discuss Ovi publishing related topics is in the related Forum Nokia discussion board.

[edit] Questions

Post here your questions/answers.

  • The UK sign-up form Ovi requests a VAT number, but is the Tax ID number acceptable for a company that is not required to be VAT registered? Several posts in the Ovi Publisher forum suggest that the Tax ID number is OK, but it would be useful to have an authoritative answer from Nokia.
  • Would it be possible to publish to Ovi directly from Extras, for example with a 'Promote to Ovi' mechanism (akin to 'Promote to Extras') ?
  • Is Ovi going to have separate policies (liability, waivers, insurance, etc) for OSS projects compared to the current, commercial entity oriented policies ?
  • What are the Ovi QA/testing requirements for Maemo devices ?
  • Will publishing of Free (libre) applications to Ovi require a registration fee ?

[edit] QA issues with existing products

If you find Ovi Store content which has serious bugs or is not compatible with the N900 please post details below...


  • WikiHow survival kit uses 5.4mb qt-webkit library dependency which is not optified.Also it cannot be installed when emelfm2 utility is installed.

--> Urho Konttori@ Nokia: PR1.2 will come with qt4.6 which will include qt-webkit. I would recomend developing your app on top of the extras-devel version of qt4.6 and releasing it after PR1.2 goes out.

-->jkessler for wikihow - I'm working on a number of packaging issues now. Sorry for the inconvenience. I did optify the package prior to publishing. I hope that PR1.2 has solved things. I have some additional issues that I found out about today.

  • Happy Birthday Sis Pt 35 - MMS in N900 ovi store. In case Nokia dont realise the N900 does not support MMS out of the box.
  • Publisher MojosMobile offers DRM protected audio books (file name ending in "dm") in a price range from €0,90 to €19,99. The Ovi Store team is aware that these files won't play on the N900 but they keep adding new ones. Why? ossi1967